Friday, September 5, 2008

My favorite new old word

After having lost 75 percent or more of her words in a regression last Christmas, Joy has retrieved another one from wherever it was hiding.

And she's using it with purpose.

It's "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma."



autismfamily said...

Oh that is so nice to hear. I get that word sometimes from Matthew, who is noverbal but once in awhile a word like No or something undistinguishable comes out.

It is a Happy Friday.

Anonymous said...

oh!! so sweet, so precious. i'm so glad you get to hear mama again - it's always been there.

AuntieS said...

Yay for Joy! I am glad that she has brought back such a wonderful word!! Music to JoyMama's ears!! I hope she keeps this word now. Of course, maybe someday Joy will also find the word "Auntie" in her vocabulary??? (LOL!)
I know that you know that Joy knows who her mama is even when she doesn't have the words. I see it when we visit with you. But, it is great that she can say the word again for you! And now, there is hope that other words will come back too! Such small steps forward that seem like such giant leaps!

datri said...

What a sweet word. Kayla only says mamamamamamama when she's in pain (like when she got her blood draw). So if she says mama, I know she's really hurting.

She says dadadadadada a lot, but I'm sure that's just stimming, LOL.

Niksmom said...

YAY!!! Now that I think of it, Nik uses it purposefully too...interchangeable with what a cow says! LOL

Happy sounds and lovely heart music no matter how they say it, yes?

Osh said...

oh! I just got all teary eyed too!

how wonderful!

Mama Mara said...

Three cheers for Joy, and three more for her mamama.