Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bunnies in Winter

What do Wisconsin bunnies eat during a cold snowy winter?

We rarely catch them in the act, but we know they've been there!

They nibble birdseed at the base of the feeder:

Bunny Birdseed

They munch the raspberry canes:

Bunny Raspberry Canes

They chomp the lower branches on the lilac bush:

Bunny Lilac Bush

They chow on compost:

Bunny Compost

And then there are the spoiled indoor bunnies. Look what they get every night:

Spoiled Wabbit

Just to make this a little bit Joy-applicable -- at one point she did have a word for bunny (buh-buh) but we haven't heard it for a while. She has lots of bunny toys in addition to the real bunnies! And she does appreciate the real ones. Likes to go rattle their enclosure, and stick her hand in to try & pet them, and giggle like crazy when they hop away!

She also, ummm, tends to treat the evidence of their outdoor presence as something akin to raisins. Remember, this is the girl who eats banana peel... We do have to keep a watch on her outdoor activities as winter turns to spring, before all the droppings revert to the soil and get covered up as the lawn springs green.

Spring. Ooh, does that sound good. I bet the outdoor bunnies are looking forward to it even more than I am.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I did not know you have BOTH domestic and wild bunnies! JoyFamily is double-bunny blessed!

Our domestic bunnies are caged outside, but Younger Teen takes them out to play when she's in the yard. We have about 20 feet of wire 'fence' that we move around the yard - makes a nice enclosure for short bunny-play periods.

Can't leave them out unattended. A pair of hawks live in our neighborhood!

Early Feb is mid-winter, right? I am sympathetic. A little. hehe.
Hopping out of here to make room for someone else!

Anonymous said...

ok, ewwwwwww ... especially if you've seen the alvin and the chipmunks movie ..

but that picture! sooooooooo cute!

datri said...

Ewww, raisins! I can't figure out why if I put something on Kayla's plate she won't touch it, but will eat EVERYTHING (probably including your "raisins") if it's outside on the ground!

pixiemama said...

thanks for mentioning spring.

Osh said...

this fellow Wisconsin gal is so ready for spring!