Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back from a Conference

Didja miss me?

I guess I didn't tell you where I was going, or even that I was going! I just spent the past three days in Green Bay, Wisconsin at the Autism Society of Wisconsin (ASW) annual conference.

JoyDad got to have single-dad duty for those three days. He did great. Rose was weepy the day before I left, but once I was gone she carried on in fine form. I understand that Joy was a little bit of a handful, which I like to think may have had something to do with missing me. Maybe?

When I got home last night, though, she was in a cheerful and chatty mood. We sang Old MacDonald, and she gave me some gorgeous "oink, oink" (you know, the snorty-thing with the cute wrinkled up nose) and a "neigh" or two, and some nice tiger roars.

What, you don't have a tiger on your farm? Well, our farm has a nice noisy one!

The conference was rich and full. I think there are three blog-posts coming here, one for each of the keynoters, 'cause they hit a trifecta of excellence:
  • Paula Kluth, who gave a daylong workshop called The Problem With Behavior Problems
  • Temple Grandin (I felt like such a fan-girl... I got to meet her! She autographed a book for me! Swoon!)
  • Eric Courchesne, neurological researcher, on the state of the art in autism brain research and implications for what does (and does not) cause autism

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did miss you.

Yes, and we have hippos on our farm, too. (Sound very much like lions.)

I am a fan-girl of you! I can hardly wait for those next posts!


JoyMama said...

One good thing about having hippos on the farm is the hippo-therapy possibilities... :-)

K- floortime lite mama said...

have I told you just how much I love your blog
I learn so much from you

jess said...

can't wait to hear! and we happen to have bears on our farm, so why the heck not? :)

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the hearing more about the conference. how awesome that you got to meet temple grandin (and that you got a little time away)!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Sounds like a great conference, and I can't wait to hear what you learned. I am hearing Temple April 2nd and I am looking so forward to it. So glad you reminded me to bring a book to be autographed!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We're tuned in again over here. (Green Bay is beautiful!)
Our kids are Animal Planet fanatics - our farm's got three toes sloths and red eyed tree frogs. Want to know about their habitats and mating habits? EIEIOOOO!!