Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

On toilet-training:
You can lead a girl to potty, but you cannot make her tinkle. (sigh)

On gardening:
Beans, beans, good for your heart! We got green beans. We got dragon tongue beans. I need to process some beans tonight for freezing.

On growth:
Joy can now reach the mantel in the living room. We used to put things up there to be out of her reach. Must create new strategies.

More on growth:
Rose started soccer practice last night for the upcoming season. When we tried on her cleats (which she was able to wear through the end of the season in May), it was like the stepsisters trying on the glass slipper. We went up two and a half sizes to get her comfy with room to grow for the fall.

Still more on growth:
When it rains a lot (and it has), the weeds in the garden go crazy! But at least it's easier to pull weeds from damp soil than from hard-baked soil.

On peek-a-boo:
Joy has created a delightful new twist on an old game. When you put a blanket up to your face for peek, she doesn't yank it down -- she lifts the other side and burrows under to join you. And then says "peek"!

On switch-flipping:
Guess what has faded back into Joy's communication repertoire. Self-biting (and to some extent, chomping others). She's doing some swatting & hair-grabbing too, and not excluding her daycare buddies. Just in time for kindergarten. Would like this to fade back the other way very quickly.

On school administration:
A new principal has been hired for Joy & Rose's elementary school. Must get him introduced to Joy. I hope he's easy to work with. Joy needs allies, especially if we're in a mode where she tips easily into intense protest...

On summer:
How did it get half over already?!


Elizabeth Channel said...

We only have three weeks left and I am in a panic!

So sorry about the biting. That is such a tough one to deal with I know. Kindergarten for us saw a resurgence of self-biting; that lasted about four months and then ended. (He had to wear padded tips on his fingers to keep him from biting them...) We did a lot of sensory stuff to help, like you are doing, and finally he grew out of it.

Hugs to you on that one. I hope it's a quick phase!

Lynn said...

I have a 6 year old daugher on the spectrum as well. Sounds like they have alot in common. Our new out-of-reach hiding spot...the top of the refrigerator.

JoyMama said...

Elizabeth - only three weeks? Yikes!

Lynn - welcome! Will go visit your blog next -- I do think we could be using our fridge-top better. Right now I think there's a carton of magnetic poetry and a roll of duct tape...