Saturday, September 25, 2010

Different is Good

I learned this morning that Joy has a suitor.

Her young playdate friend has announced his matrimonial intentions.

This short, dark & handsome lad seems attracted to their differences...

Namely, he's apparently got a thing for blonde!

Now, I know that Rose is no longer seeing the youngster she "married" in pre-school. I didn't wind up with the fellow who sought my hand when I was in first grade.

But hey, different is good. You never know, right?

P.S. This guy's parents are celebrating this weekend their ongoing successful overcoming of the blond/brunette divide. Happy anniversary, you two!


Big Daddy Autism said...

Ah. Young love.

JoyDad said...

Well, I have to admit that JoyMama was not the first person whose hand I asked for. But things have a way of working out all for the good. I'm glad that she said yes when I popped the question...

Have we really been married almost seventeen years?!? Does that mean we're, like, old??

AuntieS said...

No, JoyDad, you can't be old yet, because that would make your big sister (married 29 years) ancient!
And, I will say that blondes make the best life partners! A spouse of the dark-hair persuasion is lucky to be married to a blonde!!

I bet that Joy's intended was also won over by her infectious smile!

So, will they be having a long engagement? Has the future son-in-law chosen a wedding date yet?

It's really kind of sweet, if you ask me!!


Anonymous said...

What can I say, J-Cat has good taste (despite his insistence on blondes!)

For our part, we're working hard on listening and sharing- skills to be appreciated by a spouse some day.

Along with her smile, J-Cat is very impressed at Joy's ability to always score a few more crackers for the two of them from JoyMama during their "dates". That takes some skill. Solid strategy to capture a young, young man's heart, Joy! I've got my eye on you!!

Joy's suitor's Mama (what a title!)

Anonymous said...

ha! loves joy's suitor's mama comment.
i mean, who could resist her Joyness? her laugh alone melts me.

Lynn said... sweet.