Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mall Santa

The other night we took advantage of a no-longer-so-unusual luxury -- an evening with no special plans. We decided to go to a local mall and see a display of gingerbread houses. As we bundled up, I remembered that this mall had advertised a take-your-own-photos Santa, so I slipped a camera into my purse, even though a Santa sitting would be a major departure for both girls. (See Here Comes Santa Claus from December 2008 for the backstory on why.)

I think that Joy maybe actually looked at the gingerbread creations this year, a new development. She was more interested, however, in peering into the shops and looking up for ceiling fans. Each time she found one, she made sure to tell us: fan! OK, actually she kind of leaves off the "n"... but did you catch that? She actually told us!

We spent quite a few minutes hunkered down in front of one particular store window, where there were two mechanical toys. One was a skating rink where little figurines circled the ice in pre-ordained patterns; the other was a sledding hill on which the same two sleds appeared again and again and again. Though we've never owned any such thing, these toys were like old friends -- they appear on the Baby Bach Baby Einstein video, one of the first Baby Einsteins we acquired when Rose was a wee thing! Long, long we sat and watched, with occasional glances up at the store ceiling, where spun (oh bliss, oh Joy!) a ceiling fan.

The Santa-sitting mishaps of Rose's early years in the aforementioned post happened at this very mall as well, but all these years later they now have a different Santa and a different setup. He was sitting out in the open, next to a 20-foot-high gingerbread house, all twinkly and smiling with a small bench at his knee where children could pose rather than actually having to climb into his lap. Not a soul in line, we could walk right up to him! Rose put on a mild pre-teen-ish protest, too old for all this, but to my surprise she then actually sat on the little bench and pasted on a smile for the photo, earning herself a little candy cane and coloring book.

Then it was Joy's turn, the girl with whom we had never even attempted a Santa visit. The girl who has two new relevant words that she didn't have before -- "Picture," at which she will sometimes actually mug for the camera, and "Santa" which is very familiar from the Baby Santa Baby Einstein video (and also sounds like "panda" which is one of the funniest words in the world.)

So we said "Santa" and she sat on the bench! We said "picture" and she looked at the camera! And she smiled!

And just as JoyDad was taking the shot, she opened her mouth wide and lifted one finger to point out where she'd lost a tooth earlier that day.

Her middle finger.

I guess there's always next year. Ho, ho, ho!


Anonymous said...

Priceless! laughingoutloud!

Thanks so much!

And, nice haircut on Joy! Really nice. Both of them have pretty hair.


AuntieS said...

Now, I want a copy of that photo to add to my Rose & Joy gallery on my kitchen pantry door!!! Really, just cuz I want Joy to be able to point out Santa for me when you come to visit again!! Really!! LOL!! So funny!
I am glad to hear that, other than the ill-timed finger display, you had such a fun and pleasant time.

Big Daddy Autism said...

I think that phot with Santa should be you Christmas card. Every year. Too funny.

Anonymous said...


gotta love it!

how awesome that she has some new words AND can sit with/near Santa for a picture.


Lynn said...

Oh tell me that that is going to be your Christmas card

So sad that we recognize the toys from Baby Einstein videos. I know EXACTLY the sledding thing you're talking about from Baby Bach. Yeah, it's kinda etched into my brain. Oh, now I can hear the accompanying music. Thanks for that.

JoyMama said...

Lynn & Big Daddy - I shoulda known that you two would be advocating for Christmas-carding that photo. Heh. No, friends, our Christmas/holiday-letter list covers a span from the irreverant to pastors & and a nun.

And to everyone - if you're not already on our form-letter mailing list - we're e-mailing greetings this year, so it would be easy to add you if you want. Just let me know!

Pie Maker said...

HA! I got quite the giggle reading this. Congrats on the new developments for both sisters!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Ha! That sounds like the funniest Santa photo ever. I love it! And how fan-tastic (couldn't resist) that she was commenting on the fans!

Viktoria said...

That must be the funniest Santa photo, ever!