Saturday, December 24, 2011

Songs of the Season, Part 3

Christmas Eve, and the final installment in this Songs of the Season series.

I wasn't the only one to set up an annual holiday letter with a musical lead-in this year. GrandpaJ and GrandmaJoy sent an entire letter premised on the blessing of music in their lives in 2011. Their letter began with a story that involved their granddaughter.

Both grandparents volunteer regularly to visit inmates at a correctional facility. GrandpaJ has been matched with one fellow in particular for quite a few years now, developing a cautious but meaningful relationship over time. In early December, this man sang a solo at the annual prison Christmas banquet, a "hearty rendition" (according to GrandpaJ) of O Holy Night.

He dedicated it to his friend's granddaughter Joy, and asked everyone to pray for her.

A dining hall full of prisoners in Kansas, praying for my daughter!

How marvellously unexpected, topsy-turvy, upside-down.

And all in celebration of the topsy-turvy arrival of God-With-Us, a baby born in an out-building among the farm-animals, while a dazzling host of angels brings the astonishing news to ordinary shepherd-folk in the fields.

Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices!


Anonymous said...

You say more and better with fewer words than any angel I know, JM. Marvelous indeed!

I will be doing as directed although with less time as my old knees tolerate less time in weight bearing than they used to.

Bless and the whole JoyFamily!


Anonymous said...

'A dining hall full of prisoners in Kansas, praying for my daughter!'

that's pretty special and touches my heart so much.

God with us, indeed.