Monday, January 23, 2012

Stuff We Don't Let Her Do

So I was home with Joy today in between school and her afternoon therapy session, and she was happily watching a video upstairs in the living room, and I thought "Surely it wouldn't do any harm to sneak downstairs and answer a quick e-mail, right?" So I did that, and then one e-mail led to another, and then I quick peeked at Facebook, and Joy was still making happy sounds and so several minutes did go by before I trotted upstairs again to check.

And there was Joy, with her sister's new Christmas camera, which had been imprudently left on the mantel that morning.

The camera was on, rather surprisingly, since it's one of those little streamlined smaller-than-a-deck-of-cards cameras with a not-at-all obvious on/off switch.

More surprising still were the photos on the camera.

Uh-huh. Joy had been taking pictures.

Here's her foot on top of last year's Christmas fleece-boa:

Here's an artistic blurred shot out the living room window, with a bit of a reflection from the video that was still playing:

Here's a shot of the cabinet under the TV:

And here's a partial self-portrait (there were more complete ones too):

My girl took thirty-six photos before I showed up and put an end to the fun.

We didn't teach her how to do it. We've never let her so much as hold a camera before.

WHAT ELSE can she do that we've never let her try?


Anonymous said...

You may need a bigger memory stick if Joy's going to be working the shutter!

Uncle Marathon

JoyMama said...

Uncle Marathon - she'd have a long way to go to equal her sister's shutterbug tendencies. But it does look like we're going to have to think about a camera of her own -- Rose isn't going to let this happen again, and we're still wary about turning over the parental camera...

Niksmom said...

How utterly beautiful and delightfully brilliant of Miss Joy! I'm willing to bet there's LOTS she can do that she hasn't been given the chance to do; not all of it safe or appropriate, though, if my son's skills are an measure! LOL

Barbara said...

WOW! NEAT! Could have been titled: How my email account showed my daughter's hidden skill.

Well, maybe not.

I like where this is going.

JoyMama said...

Niksmom - so good to hear from you! Nik has been doing this sort of "outsmart the parent" stuff for years... Joy has kept a lot of that under wraps, I guess. Until now...

JoyMama said...

Barbara -- where it's going next -- we just bought joy a used camera on Ebay. A way-old one, cheap but "real," for her very own.

What she puts on it... will be up to her.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

I ADORED the pix
love that joy

Mona Jean said...

The story and photos gives me goosebumps--wonderful!