Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Wedding Reception Story

One of Joy's baristas had a fun story to tell today. She'd recently been on vacation for a family wedding, with her large extended family.

It sounds like the reception dance was a joyful affair. One of the highlights of the evening, after the guests had gotten a little loosened up and let their hair down, was the song Baby Got Back, a raunchy ditty with a strong dance beat. The lyrics reflect masculine appreciation of a generously-proportioned female backside. (Yes indeedy, objectification of women. Tsk, tsk. Though occasionally it's fun to boogie down to a song that objectifies MY particular variety of shape... but I digress.)

Anyway, everyone was out shaking it on the dance floor. The star of the show was a young man of about the age of ten, who was mingling and cutting up and showing off and having a blast of a time. His enthusiasm contributed greatly to the general merriment!

In a later conversation with the bride, the barista found out that the dance-floor star was a cousin from the other side of the bride's family. The bride was simply delighted to see her autistic cousin out there having such great fun with the relatives...

I like happy family-reunion stories.


My next post will be Post Number 200. I believe I'll reflect back and select a top ten list of my posts so far. If you have a favorite to nominate, let me know!


Anonymous said...

great story and dare i say - great song

spinning plates HAS to make the top ten!

ps if you get a chance, pls stop by my place today .. there's someone i'd like to introduce you to ;)

Anonymous said...

I picked this one:


mama edge said...

I too love the plate spinning post. I rarely picture you without imagining you in a Flying Walenda pose.

AuntieS said...

It is hard to pick a favorite post! There are so many that I have enjoyed and thought about and smiled at and cried about...but, okay, I'll try. Certainly, the Spinning Plate blog stands out, as well as all of the subsequent ones that related to spinning plates. I have been able to apply this concept to my life, too, to recognize the many spinning plates in my own life. I also especially identified with "Ritardando" (4/29/09) which really made me think carefully about what is slow in my life, what I would like to slow down more, and how to enjoy what is slow! And, it helped me to appreciate my little Joy-niece in a different way. My other favorite one, which wasn't actually including a lot of your words as much as the quoting from the book was "Joy by Joyce Carol Thomas" (10/25/08). I printed out this one and had it on my pantry door for a long time, because it really seemed to describe Joy so much!! So, that's the best I can do to narrow down my favorites! Happy 200th post!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm sure Sir Mixalot would love to hear your description of Baby Got Back: 'The lyrics reflect masculine appreciation of a generously-proportioned female backside.' Love it!

My favorite posts: n of 1, Listening With All My Heart, and Joyful Autism.

pixiemama said...

I love that story.
Thanks for sharing it.

kia (good enough mama) said...

Ooohhh...great, great story!! :)

Two hundred, huh? Wow. They add up fast, don't they?!