Friday, August 22, 2008

Joy's Swimming Report Card

She graduated! Oh my goodness, my baby graduated!
Joy's swim report card
Last night at swimming class, we picked up the above report card, and discovered to our delight that Joy had been unconditionally promoted to Level 2, after the standard single session in Level 1. As the Level 1 brochure says, "A child usually only stays in Level 1 class for one session." We're so not used to operating on a neurotypical timetable...

Here's the note from the teacher:
You have been doing an amazing job this session! Your jump-ins are looking great! Keep up the hard work!

A close-up of the Level 1 skills report:
Close-up of Joy's swim report card

  • Submersions with Instructor - Mastered!

  • Jump-ins with Assistance - Mastered! (really it's nearly without assistance)

  • Backfloats with Assistance - Mastered!

  • Comfortable on Platform - Mastered!

  • No Tears - Mastered! (she nailed this one on the first day)

Break out the fizzy juice. This calls for a celebration! Mama is just about bustin' her buttons with pride over here.

By the way, Rose -- in her 4th summer of lessons -- has now not only learned to swim the length of a single breath, but this week started to attempt to come back up for a breath and keep going.

Joy gets another session starting in September, Rose will continue piano lessons instead.

Onward to autumn!

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Niksmom said...

Yahoo! Definitely fizzy juice-worthy!