Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spin, Spin, Spin Redux (and Photo Wednesday)

Oh, how the plates have been spinning these past few weeks!

In addition to the usual insanity, we've had:

The bells, bells, bells! In the space of 16 days I had 4 handbell rehearsals and 9 performances. The final one for the season was last night. At a retirement center. In a snowstorm. Have I ever mentioned that JoyDad is a saint?

Christmas Bells
Drop me an e-mail if you want a link to online bell-video...

(spin, spin, spin)

Christmas cards & annual form letters! (No, really. We write a good one. Honest.) We've got so many friends, lived in so many places, etc. Our print run currently stands at 140. No, they are not yet all sent, though we've got a good start.

Holiday letters and cards
(spin, spin, spin)

Cookies! For our own faces and extended family, for friends, for office mates, for therapists, for a cookie exchange party tomorrow (I'm going to take Joy to an office party, possibly in another snowstorm, should be a hoot!) In addition to the peppernuts referenced in yesterday's comments, I've also done two rounds of Any Flavor Jello Cookies. Everything's better with butter in the batter...

Strawberry Jello Cookies
(spin, spin, spin)

Trim up the tree! And fix up what goes beneath it as well! The Christmas shopping is almost all done... but Rose is the only one who has yet wrapped a present for under the tree. By the way, she figured out Santa Claus this year, but she still wants to hang a stocking to get her full share of loot. How FAST they grow up!

Christmas tree 2008
(spin, spin, spin)

So far there haven't been too many plates crashing down, though I failed to read Lynda's note that Joy needed diapers and wipes for daycare...

I'm gonna be really ready for a vacation though.

What's that? No school, no daycare, kids home all day for nearly two weeks? Starting next week?

Augghhhhhhh..... crasshhhhhhhhh


Anonymous said...

I have no doubt the plates dropping will be the plastic ones you can let-go of.

Smiling throughout reading this post.

Merry Christmas to you, St. JoyDad, Joy and Rose!

Anonymous said...

sometimes the plates need to wait for a while .. though i do love the fact hat you (with loving support from joydad) manage time for the handbells .. something that makes so much beauty that is just yours .. i think it's wonderful that you have that

mama edge said...

Whose brilliant idea was "winter break" anyway? Break indeed.