Saturday, January 16, 2010

Random Thoughts Saturday

  • Random thoughts -- they're not just for Tuesdays anymore. Because how un-random is that, huh?

  • All four humans in the house have colds. And one of the bunnies has been sneezing too.

  • None of us are much fun to be with when we have colds.

  • Joy is learning a new sign: the sign for "open." There are many things to open in this house. Gates, doors, buckles, bins.

  • Joy also took the "open" lesson to heart yesterday during nap time. She took off her pants, opened the onesie (remember how smug I was about those just a week ago?), removed her diaper, and soaked everything.

  • Today I have added a big diaper-pin at the onesie level. With any luck, she'll be stymied and give up trying. At least for a while.

  • We ordered a new backpack for Joy yesterday. With a buckle across the chest, kind of like her monkey-backpack. But with room for school-supplies, and without the tail.

  • Why does Joy need a real backpack? Because she's going to school in a couple of weeks! To learn to be a kindergartener! (More info later...)

  • Wahhh, my little baby is growing up!

  • I really shouldn't wahhh when I have a cold.


pixiemama said...

Get well soon, Joy family!


PS We have at least two of those monkeys... How tired are you of people asking Joy if she has a monkey on her back.

AuntieS said...

I hope you all feel better very soon! I thought there was a rule in the Mom-book that Moms don't get sick!! I hope the healthy bunny is doing a good job of taking care of everyone else! Warm carrot soup? Extra hay for a soft bed? A soft bunny ear to wipe a runny nose??

Niksmom said...

Sorry you're all ill. :-( BTW, if the pin doesn't work...duct tape on the diaper. Seriously.

Pixie's PS? The very reason we got the doggie instead of the monkey! LOL

Where did you order Joy's new backpack from? I need to get one of those for Nik so he has "heavy" stuff to carry for proprioception. Would love a link? Email me if you don't want to post here?

JoyMama said...

Niksmom -- we ordered from Ebags. The backpack comes in either 10-liter size or 15-liter. We got Joy the bigger one, hoping she'll be able to use it longer. (Plus hers is purple with a dragonfly!)

Anonymous said...

I was hesitating to suggest the duct it on another blog, but Niksmom can have the credit - she might have been the one who said it elsewhere.

Dragonfly is a new favorite 'thing' here.

Get well soon, JoyFamily.

AuntieS said...

I just was rereading your post and I think I kind of skipped over something that now sounds huge to me...Joy is going to be going to school to practice kindergarten????? More details, please! This sounds very interesting.

JoyDad said...

We're working on transistioning Joy to kindergarten. Starting in a couple of weeks, she'll be spending a few hours at school once a week to start learning the routines (locker, stairs, etc). If I'm understanding it correctly, most of her time will be spent in the therapy room, but she'll also be spending some of the time in one of the kindergarten classrooms.

It is very exciting, and also a bit scary because it's a big change.

Anonymous said...

ooooohhhh, so exciting about Joy going to school!

hope you're all better now.