Friday, January 8, 2010


One of the highly challenging elements of Joy's educational trajectory has been the issue of imitation. Or, the lack of imitation.

Imitation is a huge component of learning. It's how kids just "pick things up" that are happening around them (I'm thinking of the example of Rose knowing the use of a comb at age 10 months). But Joy is not wired that way. Imitation is not something she automatically does. Instead, we've had to try to teach imitation, model it, encourage it. Imitation goals are part of her explicit therapy regimen.

So. Last night I'd just come in from a snow romp with Rose (Joy had started her snow romp earlier and come in earlier). I'm shucking off my wet wraps, Joy is bouncing in front of a video. And I hear this unusual little sound from Joy.


What's that, I wonder.

Then JoyDad chimes in, a little sheepishly (perhaps a little proudly as well?)

"Yeah, I belched earlier. She's imitating me."

ONE belch. Just one, without any special effort to get her attention (no "hey Joy, look over here, can you do this?"). She imitated it immediately, and at intervals throughout the evening.

What a... dare I say, typical kid stunt!



Niksmom said...

PRICELESS!! See, just goes to show...our kids are ALWAYS listening whether we think they are or not!

jess wilson said...


JoyDad said...

That's my girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey JoyDad taught me how to do the same thing. Auntie Meerkat doesn't have brothers, and she's not nearly at good at burping as I am.

Good to know that all of his children are getting the same education.

Anonymous said...

It's the universal truth -burping is fun.

Way to go, Joy!

Anonymous said...

Imitation is such a keystone in learning - Hooray for Joy!

- never knew how to spell the big man burps - you got it just right!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Fantastic! And funny, too!

pixiemama said...

Bodily function humor knows no boundaries...