Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alternative Therapy, Aboriginal Edition


I think maybe it organizes the central nervous system? Or something.

But only if you didgeri-do it right.


Anonymous said...

Extended LOL!



Anonymous said...

Sign us up!!

Anonymous said...

my mother-in-law has one of those. Very cool! I'll have to ask her to play it for my kids next time we're there.

DQ said...

I love this! I have cousins who are Aboriginal, they have an uncle who plays the didgeridoo extraordinarily well. It is one of the most fabulous sounds, I think. The breath work alone is therapy, I would think! Great pictures :)

Tim said...

In some Eastern meditative circles, low, humming/droning type sounds are supposed to help with meditation and centering of the mind.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Same couch! Used to have the same couch!