Monday, February 1, 2010

Hitting the Bottle

This post is in the interest of parental self-protection.

If Joy ever comes to visit you, and catches sight of a bottle similar to this in your home...

... and starts excitedly making a hand-sign that looks like this:

THIS is what she actually gets to have, when we celebrate a special occasion. Like last night for my birthday, when she saw the bottle & stem-glasses come out (she gets an open plastic cup now) and was "more"-signing so enthusiastically I thought she was gonna hyperventilate.

Kristian Regale Apple-Lingonberry fizzy juice.

Please make a note of it. Thank you.


Mimzy said...

Ha HA! And Happy Birthday!

Niksmom said...

Hysterical! Guess she's developing a taste for the berry? ;-)

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

So noted! *chuckling*

Many happy returns, My Friend!


JoyDad said...

I like that Joy obviously remembered from whenever it was that we last celebrated by popping a cork, er, twisting a cap off. And that occasion was probably New Years Eve (although somewhat earlier than midnight, I'm afraid...).

jess wilson said...

ha! so that's the story you've decided to go with, huh? :)

happy birthday, mama!!

AuntieS said...

I'll try to have some of Joy's fizzy juice on hand at our next holiday gathering so she can join in on the celebrating!!

Anonymous said...

uh huh. yeah, o.k. just like the time she had wine stains on her shirt... ;)

happy birthday, JoyMama!

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated BDay!!