Friday, June 18, 2010

A Newly-Acceptable Vegetable

My daughter discovered a new vegetable last night!

She's so picky with veggies -- her repertoire has been so terribly limited. Any new addition to the acceptable vegetables is utterly delightful, and met with great rejoicing by her parents.

Tender fresh raw snow peas from the garden are now in the thumbs-up category. Wahoo!

By the way. We're not talking about Joy and autism.

We're talking about Rose. Y'know, the neurotypical one.



K- floortime lite mama said...

You had me there !

runatthemouth said...

Auntie Meerkat also discovered this vegetable this summer. She had never had sugar snap peas from the garden, but now we're both grabbing them off the vine as soon as they're ready and snarfing them. This is pretty cool, since Auntie Meerkat generally doesn't like vegetables.

If I had known Auntie Meerkat was going to be so enthused, I would have planted more. It's kind of sad that we're both eating two or three pea pods per day.

I'll be planting a bigger batch of 'em for the fall.

pixiemama said...

I hear you - my kids are SO PICKY, and they hardly agree with each other on what's acceptable. I basically have to prep several meals at a time, or someone is likely to end up starving to death.

JoyMama said...

Auntie RATM - very cool! We planted a pretty good row of peas this year, a new experiment for us. They're so pretty with the blossoms and all. Definitely a veggie worth discovering.

Pixie - argh, the picky disagreement and short-order cook phenomenon. We have it here too. Joy has a much wider range of veggie likes than Rose, but Rose has a somewhat broader repertoire of meats and dairy. And of course, the likes couldn't much overlap. That would be way too easy.

rm said...

Yay! Awesome, and thank for sharing in new food delight, long may it continue :)

AuntieS said...

I knew it!! I knew it was going to be Rose rather than Joy!! LOL!! Maybe it was the greens only salad that you made for Rose when I was there for lunch last week that was my clue!! LOL! I don't have fresh peas from the garden to enjoy, but I do buy snow peas and sugar snap peas sometimes. I seem to be the only one in the house who will eat them (Yep, I have the picky eaters here too!)!!
It did seem that both girls were able to agree on the strawberry shortcake with cream (made with your fresh-picked strawberries and the accidentally over-sugared cake)that we ate that day tho!! Yummy!!

Casdok said...

Ha ha!!

goodfountain said...

Oh I can relate to this. Charlotte has a much wider palette for veggies than her sister. Sarah will eat raw carrots and that is it.

She and I have been in negotiations about her adding in a new vegetable. So far, I'm way on the losing end of the negotiations.

One Mom said...

I love it!

Smileyfreak said...

peas are great :)

Anonymous said...

Not surprised by the punch line - but then I have seen that girl eat. Shame she is not a "weird kid" like me who always loved vegetables. If I had a yard the size of Auntie S I would go nuts with planting all kinds of stuff. As it is I squeeze in tomatoes, several types of peppers, herbs, green beans, raspberries and peaches on my city lot. Nothing like going out in the back yard, picking something and bringing it in for dinner. Poor Rose doesn't know what she is missing.

Uncle Marathon