Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reverse Psychology

For some strange reason, Joy didn't want to take her seizure pills last night. Usually there's no trouble. I wrap them up in a bit of fruit (last night it was Turkish apricots, always good to up the fiber in the diet, if ya know what I mean!)

I was chasing her around the living room with the apricots, doing the silly-mommy approach of "num, num, so good!" and pretending to eat them myself before trying to pop them into her mouth. She was having none of it, and I was getting frustrated.

Then JoyDad said, "Let me try."

He placed the apricots on the corner of the counter closest to the living room, and then backed off.

Joy got a mischievous look in her eye, zoomed around past the counter to snag the apricots, and chowed down without even slowing down.

JoyDad understands this girl a little too well, sometimes. Mischief-makers, the both of them!


DQ said...

that is hilarious! Got to love the mischievous streak - it has served us well, too!

One Mom said...

Love it!

AuntieS said...

As JoyDad's big sister, I can confirm that he was a mischief-maker in his youth. I, of course, was the perfect child of the family! But, somehow, despite my perfection and his mischievous ways, I think JoyDad was our mom's favorite child! LOL!
Seriously, Joy is very fortunate to have parents who can balance and "rescue" each other so well!! I have seen the two of you "hand off" a difficult moment to each other many times, to the great benefit of Joy and Rose!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Smart fellow, he is!

rhemashope said...

gotta love it!

and methinks we'll have to try those apricots over here.

blackknightsbrood said...

Tricky girl!!

(This is why it's great to have a partner in this crazy bizness of parenting)

Viktoria said...

How funny, such a mischief. And her dad knows Joy so well!