Friday, July 9, 2010

Education of a Self-Taught Hairstylist

Nobody ever taught me to cut hair. Sure, I butchered my Barbies' locks as a tyke (didn't we all?) but my experience with barbering humans has been sadly lacking.

It's a good thing my girls are tolerant of my experimentation!

I started with Rose because I'm a cheapskate and didn't want to spend the money at a salon. With Joy, I'd rather fight any sensory battles at home than in a salon. Plus I'm still a cheapskate.

Here is the progression of hairstyles that started when Joy was pulling out handfuls of her hair in the spring of last year.

Somewhat shorter so as to provide less target for grabbing:

Buzzcut so as to provide no target for grabbing (and let it all grow back in evenly):

How the beautiful layers looked this summer after growing out of the buzzcut for a year:

How the layers look now, after my educational first attempt at a layered cut, so that we don't have the combing battles that the lovely long hair was starting to produce:

It could have gone better. But it could have gone worse. Joy wears it well no matter how I botch it. And, like the buzzcut, it will grow out and I will have further educational hair-cutting opportunities in the future!


Anonymous said...

Best part is, that gorgeous girl can wear anything. Nonetheless, nicely done, mama!!

Andrea said...

I am grateful when buzz cuts are "in" for boys. We used to call Reid's a Jack Johnson cut. Also grateful for the friends we've cultivated at Supercuts. Working our way back to the shampoo basin

Elizabeth Channel said...

I'm impressed! I cut two of my children's hair all the time...sure does save money! Of course I tried to cut my brother's hair as a child and almost cut off his earlobe...but that was years ago!

Anonymous said...

You've done well! Saving money is ever fashionable!

I actually watched an educational video (VHS) that came with the tool kit we purchased - some 15 years ago. It helped, some. But, of course, practice (repetition) is the best education. ;) Hair cutting is a motor skill....!

I have been cutting Hubby's hair ever since. Cut CollegeSon's too, until he went off to college. What do you estimate we have saved? Must subtract for the infrequent paid cuts to Teen and my noggins.

Barbara said...

Wow. You do a great job!

Me said...

I frequently find myself having the conversation with my kids about why it is we cut our hair at home....Five people paying for haircuts adds up too quickly. My mom is a fan of the's an experience but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with strong sensory issues. You can find everything under the sun on YouTube, I bet there's haircut tutorials on there too.