Sunday, August 1, 2010

Appreciating Miracles

It was just this April when I posted about how Joy came busting out with the word "more" (mo!) at snacktime for JoyDad. What a miracle that was!

And how quickly we come to take things for granted.

Earlier this week I was talking on the phone with another mama in the autism community, whom -- what with one thing and another -- I haven't seen since the fall, though we've been in touch by phone. As it happened, I was serving Joy her snack while we were chatting. Joy finished the first small portion of animal crackers, and loudly requested "mo!" Per routine, I asked her "more what?" And she told me loud and clear, "CAH-cuh!"

My friend gasped. Then she said, "Oh, she has such a beautiful voice!" And then said, "I think I'm going to cry!"

Sometimes it takes a reminder to re-appreciate the miracles.