Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Things To Say

On Monday I mentioned that we've been hearing many vocalizations from Joy. I thought you might like to hear about some of the things she's had to say lately.

JoyDad told me about an interaction at snacktime earlier this week. Joy was drinking juice (from an open cup, yeah!) using both hands to lift the cup. JoyDad was doling out the pretzel sticks a few at a time. At one point he offered sticks while she had the cup in the air with both hands. "Joy, do you want more?" He said you could just see the wheels turning as she thought about making the "more" sign but realized both hands were already occupied. And then she looked right at him and spoke.

Another lovely vocalization that has come and gone over the years has been "ma-ma". Last time I posted about it was about a year ago. Well, it's back, and it's the two-syllable word, not even the babbly "ma-ma-ma" that was coming out last time. At least for today, even if it's just for today, we're getting "ma-ma"!

By the way, that "just for today" post I just linked to? It focused on the signing of the word "more" -- which was an occasional, some-time thing back in February 09. These days, it's the most solid sign in her repertoire, over-generalized to mean "I want" as well as "more." How very far she has come!

Then there was the imitation last night, when our church fellowship group met for a cookout. Joy was exploring and rolling around in the lovely large yard, I was talking to a couple of other moms, and Rose was playing with a group of older kids halfway across the yard. Suddenly from one of the older boys in the faraway group comes an audible, "Aw, CRAP!" And what do we hear from Joy? A sweet little echo, "caa"! That was the one and only thing she chose to imitate from the other kids all evening.

And finally last night, late home from the cookout and getting ready for bed. Joy sat on the toilet a little bit, without success, and then after bath we went to her room to get her into diapers and jammies. As I was assembling the materials, she loudly announced,

What in the world was "kee," I wondered, looking around. It was a new sound, an unfamiliar vocalization. I couldn't find anything to attach it to.

And then she "kee"-ed all over the carpet. Must have been holding it in for a while, it was a major stream.

Oh, yes. This girl's got things to tell us.


K- floortime lite mama said...

Tooo funny
Love it

Anonymous said...

Kih is soooo much better than kee.

Viktoria said...

I love this, so awesome! She warned you, didn't she? :-)

rainbowmummy said...

Beautiful, fantastic, effort full Joy!!! I am beaming after reading :D

AuntieS said...

I love hearing about these wonderful vocalizations! I think my favorite one is the imitation at the church fellowship group! She has her dad's ear and sense of humor, I think!! JoyDad was known for selectively repeating things he heard around him which often caused our mom a bit of shock and embarrassment!! LOL!!
I am very impressed with the choice to vocalize "more" when she knew she couldn't sign. Very cool. And, of course, I get teary-eyed at the sweetness of Joy saying ma-ma for you!!!
So great to have such a hopeful post!

Niksmom said...

Kvelling and sharing in your joy! The sweet sound of "mama" and, well, even "kee." Now she can tell you! :-)

Elizabeth Channel said...

That is wonderful! I love the "kee." I think I'll use that one myself : )

Anonymous said...

HOORAY for all the things she has to say! I love the "mo"! She is truly making progress even if sometimes the vocalizations come and go. And at least now you know for sure what "kee" means!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Such great news! I'm thrilled for you (and laughing about kee)!

One Mom said...

How awesome! Well, the vocalization part more than the "kee-ing" all over the carpet...but what would life be without these funny stories? :)

Stacey,momof 2 said...

It is nice to see our kids getting their point accross?
well.. unless they are "constantly creating messes"
--but even still -- I bet the change of communication is lovely to see...and hear!

Bethany said...

Way to go Joy! I can just picture her considering how to sign "more" with her hands full before triumphantly saying "mo!". She most certainly has things to say, and they are going to be some of the most beautiful words ever spoken! Even if it does take a little too long to translate the first time, like with the kee...can't say she didn't warn you! ;)