Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Sculpture

Two photos.

Before (as last night's blizzard was just starting to gain steam):

After (the blizzard had blown and snowed and sculpted all night):

The Almighty has a pretty impressive touch with this snow-scuplture stuff.


Lynn said...

This would have been a cool sight a few days ago. Now I've seen enough snow to last me a while. We had the funkiest drifts and snow sculptures that I've ever seen...epic storm!

Anonymous said...

We had snow overnight! A once in a several years event! The city is shut-down. No school/work for any of us. Not near as interesting as your sculpture, but a novelty for the teen and a shock to the pets! Will be all gone by tomorrow, hopefully. Barbara said...

Brrr. I sure how the ground hog was right. Enough already!

JoyMama said...

Lynn - I hear you got even more snow than we did. Wow.

Barbara - snow way down south! Did it all melt on schedule?

fullsoulahead - good to see you! Yes, here's hoping that the groundhog's prediction of an early spring is an accurate one.