Monday, January 31, 2011

Twice as Old

Happy birthday to me!

It occurs to me that I'm more than twice as old as I was when my classmate and I made these signs:

Hitch-hiking from Freiburg to Strasbourg

and hitch-hiked from Freiburg, Germany over to the gorgeous town of Strasbourg, France:

View of Strasbourg from the top of the cathedral

and then re-crossed the French/German border in the company of a car-load of Algerians. Who ditched us right after we got across the border (I think we were more trouble than we were worth), so then we caught a ride on a big rig with a long-distance trucker, who didn't want to go into town when we neared Freiburg so he dropped us at a rest stop and we had to find someone who would take us into town from there.

Good times! And, good guess, Lynn. I'll grant you that much, seeing as how you made the whole pack-o-memetastic-lies happen in the first place....

Back to the present day, we had a low-key celebration. JoyDad took us all out to eat, and did all the Joy-packing and Joy-wrangling to make it possible (she really did very well, as restaurants go.) Rose made me a birthday card, and they gave me a book edited by a college classmate of mine, and this evening we're going to eat my traditional favorite -- as baked by JoyDad -- spice cake with penuche frosting.


Anonymous said...

Lawdy! I knew about the bridge jumping and the fire eating - so I shouldn't have been surprised!

Toowwice as old? Dear, dear, ours is now that age...*silentscream*

LOVE how your family celebrates! Low key is me, too.

Many (more than twice as many) happy returns! Barbara

JoyMama said...

Barbara - thank you for the birthday cheers.

It's good to have some wild-woman memories to look back on in my twice-as-old age... :-)

Lynn said...

I knew it! I'm so good. I've been to both Freiburg and Strasbourg...but on different trips so I did not have to hitch a ride with Algerians to go from one to the other.

Happy Happy Birthday Joy Mama!!! I hope that you've had a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, my friend! it sounds like it was a delight. wishing you a wonderful year.

rainbowmummy said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JoyMama said...

Lynn - yes, well done. I didn't tell the hitching story to anyone back home at the time - actually my parents weren't home, they were in China having their own adventures. But still. Thanks for the birthday wishes, all over the Intertoobz!

adiaryofamom, rainbowmummy - birthday greetings much appreciated! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday JoyMama. May you have a fabulous year ahead!

JoyMama said...

Thank you, Anonymous, whichever Anonymous you may be!