Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Rose Did On Her Spring Break

I'm happy to report that we survived both spring break, and the following week! Joy didn't have too much trouble with the break itself, but the first few days back at school last week were reportedly rather rough. Fortunately there were lots of giggles in the latter part of the week, both at school and at home.

I didn't quite realize how much we had done, until Rose told me about an assignment for her class. They were to write an "A to Z" poem in rhyming couplets about what they did during their break! Our spring break was a "stay-cation," with only a day-trip on Easter Sunday, but somehow we managed to pack a lot in. As evidenced by the poem that resulted! (Spelling is original to the author; I did change the one name in keeping with this blog's pseudonymous practices.)

A to Z Spring Break
by Rose

A is for April the month of Spring Break
B is for Baskets we fill with eggs that are fake
C is for Candy that fills the fake eggs
D is for my aunts Dogs who walk on four legs
E is for Egg hunt out on the grass
F is for Family who's love always lasts
G is for Get togethers with all my friends
H is for Happiness 'cause the fun never ends
I is for Illinois the state I traveled to
J is for Jelly beans that are fun to chew
K is for Kugel which I ate at Aunt Lou's
L is for Looking to buy some new shoes
M is for Matzoh a passover food
N is for Nice when I'm in a good mood
O is for Oven for baking bread
P is for Press confrence where speeches are said
Q is for Quiet time with books to read
R is for Running outside at great speed
S is for Sister who's really great
T is for T-shirts to decorate
U is for Under the tree with my sister
V is for a Visit with Senator Risser
W is for Walking the Autism Walk
X is for X-tra time to talk
Y is for Young plants begining to grow
Z is for Zoo where we didn't quite go.

Yes, the girls and I attended a press conference in the Senate parlor at the Capitol, followed by a meeting with our state Senator in his office to lobby about education and autism insurance. An unforgettable spring break civics lesson! Joy rode in her jogging stroller, and happily played with a cheerleader pompom and ate pretzels while all the action was going on.

And we did plan to go to the zoo one morning, but had a schedule change at the last minute. Oh well. We'll look for a nice spring-like zoo visit day soon.


Anonymous said...

G is for GREAT poem!

Enjoyed this post and reading Rose's view of her time off from school!


DolphinHugger said...

What a brilliant poem! She obviously got JoyMama's writing skills. She'll have a blog of her own before you know it!

Janelle said...

What they said!!

Anonymous said...

i would love to hang out with Rose. she's just the kind of girl i want my girls to be like. 'F' is my favorite letter in the poem.

so great that you all got to meet with the senator!

JoyMama said...

TherExtras -- thanks! Yes, it was interesting to see what made Rose's list, and also what didn't (the sunrise service and potluck breakfast, for example, didn't make the cut.)

DolphinHugger -- I don't know if the world is ready for a Rose-blog -- I know her mama isn't ready for that yet. Whew!

Janelle -- welcome!! Fun to see your blog too!

rhemashope -- some day, surely some day we will get to hang out with one another and with each other's girls. I bet Hope & Rose would get such a kick out of one another. I wonder what the encounter between Rhema and Joy would (will!) be like?

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi JoyMama & Co.,

Great poem! Press conference made me think of the recent national events, catching Bin Laden. I just read a fiction book where the mother hurries to turn off the TV her kids are watching during the 911 attack; I wonder how parents handled the Bin Laden raid and killing.


cheairs frank said...

What a wonderful poem. wonderful story. Just wonderful.
Redefining Typical
Sorry to put my url would not take it at the bottom.

LeahReb said...

I would have to relate with her on the L--well said :) Sounds like a fun spring break!!!! It's always so nice to read your blog, and I'm sure if (when) Rose has a blog, it will be great to read as well!!!