Monday, May 23, 2011

The Sound of "Nigh-Night"

Just recently I shared with you an account of the "Nigh-Night" game, where the interactive people-play Joy-giggles had me fit to be tied.

The game has morphed a little bit, such that the phrase "I love you so much!" causes even more delight than the nigh-night.

Listen to the Joy! (it's an mp3 file, about a minute long)

OK, that's about it for me this evening. Nigh-night!


Anonymous said...

love, love, love!

AuntieS said...

Joy brings me joy when I listen, with joy, to her joyful giggles of joy!!

DQ said...

that is without a doubt the most delightful thing I have ever heard. I adored it. The best giggles in the universe! I needed that, thanks.