Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 2

It's been a long time since I blogged about seizures.  Joy was still having seizures when I started Elvis Sightings in mid-2008, but we were well on our way to getting the just-right meds combo at that point. The last seizure we saw was on September 11, 2008.

As of this Thursday morning, it had been 1554 days.

But no longer.  On Thursday morning Joy had a seizure that was powerful enough to knock her down.  I'm pretty sure I missed the actual seizure itself, which must have happened while she was on the couch with her iPad while I was whirling around packing bags and wraps for school.  But when I got her up to put on her coat and go to school, she tripped over her boots and fell to the floor.  She fell again in the driveway a minute later, and then she was very sleepy and out-of-things for about an hour.  Clearly a seizure event with the sort of post-seizure sequence that we used to see all the time.

We've consulted with her neurologist, survived a blood draw, bumped up one of her med doses (which hadn't been changed since the seizures went away).  

So the count has started over again.  Now we're on Day 2 since the last seizure.

It would sure be nicer to have it be Day 1556.


Anonymous said...

Oh, honey, I'm sorry! I wish I could say I can't relate or understand, but... :-(

Sending good thoughts and seizure-free vibes!

Suze said...

Oh, dear. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Cogitus said...

Sorry to hear. Strength for all, and understanding.

JoyMama said...

Thanks so much, maternalinstincts, Suze, & Cogitus. We're into Day 4 now, and looking forward. It's good to have people pulling for us. :-)

Barbara TherExtras said...

Pulling here, too.

I just had a conversation with a mom of a toddler about triggers of seizures. In particular, she asked about swinging. I opined that other reasons are attached to an event when the child has outgrown their med dose. I don't know how anyone keeps ahead of that issue.