Friday, January 4, 2013

Click and Pull

On the day of the Winter Solstice, when it became clear that the world was not in fact coming to an end as the Mayan calendar turned over, our little family was holed up at home, with school cancelled due to snow.

I wrote the following note to Joy's school-and-therapy team that day: 
Since we're at home with the snow-day -- and the world has not, in fact, come to an end -- I'll write with a joyous update. 
[Joy] has known how to click with the mouse for her computer games for quite a while.  I've been able to leave her in the playroom with the one computer while I'm on the other side of the wall with the (better!) computer, and she'd come get me when she wanted to show me where to point the mouse when just clicking wasn't enough. 
But today when I left her alone with her subscription, she was able to point-and-click navigate all on her own.  She's been gleefully choosing one game after another, without any help from me at all.
I know she's been doing mouse-work at school, but hadn't quite realized how gloriously independent she'd become!  This is the first time she's busted out those new point-and-click skills at home.  Can drag-and-drop be far behind?! 
Thank you all, happy snow day, and the merriest of holidays to you and yours!
There has been much merry pointing-and-clicking since then, lots of computer time at home during a long and relatively-laid-back holiday.

And here we are two weeks later, and guess what wasn't far behind?

Not only do we have drag and drop -- but on this activity of matching the lower and upper-case letters, she is doing most of them ON HER OWN.  Only in the cases where she asked for help did I provide hand-over-hand.

Oh, and that's not all.

Yesterday she used her iPad to post two blank comments to a Facebook thread on my wall -- in my name.

Today she sent a blank e-mail from her iPad to eight of my advocacy colleagues, and drafted another one to a friend from church.

I am ridiculously proud.

I am also in a whole lotta trouble unless I figure out how to lock that iPad down better!


Tim Z said...

I love how she is saying clearly and calmly saying "help" with no physical or verbal manifestations of frustration.

Tim Z said...

Okay, so that was a horribly written sentence without any proofreading prior to posting. I blame myself for over indulging in my own happiness seeing Joys progress.

JoyMama said...

Tim Z -- LOL! Were your happy noises distracting you from typing?

I'll tell you what's even more amazing. At "Agency 2" where the "baristas" are a little more hard-core than Mama sometimes is, she knows they'll hold out for the longer request of "I want help." And she produces it.

Barbara TherExtras said...

Lots of joyous feelings here, too! But,then, I've left many poorly constructed sentences online. ;)


JoyMama said...

Thank you Barbara! Looking back to where things were when we first online-met, I'd've had a hard time imagining Joy figuring out on her own how to send e-mail and post on Facebook... now looking forward to the day she can express herself in lots of sentences, online or ProLoQuo or spoken, poorly constructed or otherwise!

Anonymous said...

How I love that girl. Her "Helps" just melt my heart. She's doing so well!
I'm with you - imagining the day when our girls will be telling us all sorts of things - through typing, speaking, Proloquo, whatever!!!