Thursday, January 24, 2013

Presume Competence

Just a little comment / report in an early-morning meeting with Joy's teachers.

At issue was Joy's progress interacting with online books.  At the start of the year, she had just ONE online book that she wanted to go to over and over.

Then she broadened her range, then it exploded to a whole series of books that she was interested in doing.

Just lately, she seems to have lost interest again.

We've done plenty of agonizing in the past about the switches and sliders on Joy's mixer board, the gains and regressions, and how that interacts with the IEP process.  Shoot, that's what the name of this blog is all about!  Elvis Sightings, those moments and achievements that come and go.

So how do you process and deal with things that disappear?  Do you assume they're gone and that you have to teach them again?  Or even back up and go to something more fundamental for a while, in hopes that you'll eventually get there again?

Or do you do the wonderful thing that Joy's teachers did, and propose the following assumption and approach:

She's getting bored with this.  
We'll find something different and challenging to try next.

Just a little comment / report in an early morning meeting with Joy's teachers -- yet also the kind of moment where the heavens open and the angels sing "Alleluia!"


Quiet One said...

Hurray for wonderful teachers who can recognize that ALL kids get bored and need to move on! Hurray for kids who find ways to teach all of us!!

Barbara TherExtras said...

Recognizing boredom is another good skill!

Happy for Joy & her Mama!