Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We have an autumn tradition of four years' duration now. Every fall we take a trip to a nearby farm with a pumpkin patch and corn maze and petting zoo, together with the family that gave us the Joy! book. It's been a delight to look back over the photos across the years and remind ourselves how our girls have grown!

This year we had a special guest, my younger brother (Uncle Schnirelmann) who was visiting from out of state for the weekend.

The first incident of note at this year's visit was the temporary wristband, to mark that you'd paid your entrance fee. Last year when we tried to put the wristband on Joy, she wailed and fought and tried to chew it off until we gave in. This year? Wore it with zero complaint. I think it may have something to do with the other bracelet she wears...

Once we got inside, Joy wasn't too much interested in the petting zoo, or the pumpkins. Like Kayla over at Opposite Kids, Joy found the stimmies more interesting than the main attractions -- she preferred to play with bits of straw or cornstalk from the ground rather than petting animals or noticing pumpkins.

She did really well with the children's corn maze, though (which featured one obvious main path through):

Joy in corn maze
Rose and her friend enjoyed the corn maze as well:

Rose and friend in corn maze
The absolute best thing about the pumpkin patch trip, though, was Uncle Schnirelmann. He and Joy invented a game whereby she would run to him, and he would grab her by the arms and hoist her all the way up his 6-foot-tall frame, to rest her knees on his chest and laugh into each other's faces. They did this all over the farm...

Joy's uncle lifts her high in the sky
... even in the pumpkin patch itself (much better than scouting for those pesky pumpkins, in a rather picked-over section of the field anyway).

Another lift for Joy from her uncle
We've yet to carve the pumpkins we brought home, but Rose did successfully engineer getting Joy to make a choice among the options that she drew:

Photo of Five Choices of Jackolantern Faces
Joy's hand landed on the one at the lower right, with the eyelashes. The cutest of the bunch, to be sure, but the most challenging to carve! I'll post jack-o-lantern pics once we have them.

UPDATE: OK, I only just noticed: there's something at least slightly similar in Joy's body position playing the jump-up game with Uncle Schnirelmann, and mine in the sidebar photo leaping off the bridge. What can I say but... that's my girl! Wild women, we are!


AuntieS said...

What a smart girl Joy is!! She chose the pumpkin design with the eyelashes, just like a certain AuntieS did!!! LOL! Can't wait to see the pictures of the carved pumpkins!!

Schnirelmann said...

It's fun to be playmate for a day, especially out in the middle of a pumpkin patch where Joy can run any direction she chooses. Who needs a fence when you have acres of open? The surroundings were so desolate that Joy's most interesting option often was, instead of running away from uncle, running _back_ for another game of "up". I quite flattered to be more exciting than a pumpkin.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures!

and rose, sweet, sweet rose ... the jack-o-lantern faces say so much .. such love, such understanding of her sister!

Quirky Mom said...

That's my favorite jack-o-lantern face, too. And Apple similarly played in the straw at the pumpkin patch while her classmates stood in line to make mini-hay bales. We think Joy has excellent taste!

Anonymous said...

And I like U. schnirelmann 'cause the 'look like Mama' game is good sensory input.

Books will go in the mail tomorrow.

I also see a connect between your blog name and the box marked by your grandfather..."If you haven't found it yet, it's in THIS one!"

Rare and meaningful. Barbara

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Looks like it was a great day!

Niksmom said...

Uncle S rocks! Looks like a really great time was had by *all!*

Bonnie said...

Hooray for wild women! I love the pictures... but where oh where is Elvis???