Saturday, December 20, 2008

Of Elephants and Snow

Baby NoahSo JoyDad and I were sitting at the dining table. Joy was watching one of her Baby Crack Einstein videos, the Baby Noah one where they march out a whole bunch of animals two by two.

"Elephant," said the DVD.

"EH-uh-fuh," came the echo, with totally precise timing and inflection.

I happened to be watching Joy at the moment, actually saw her lips move. JoyDad whipped around, what was Rose doing imitating Baby Einstein?

Looky there, we just had an elephant Elvis Sighting! Never heard her do that one before, who knows when we'll hear it next!

[Aside: had a really weird Google search hit on this blog yesterday. The search terms were "does baby einstein cause seizures". Heh. Wonder how that rumor got started.]

What happened later that morning had little to do with Elvis, and much to do with milestones.

As neighbors to Mama Mara, we too had a snow day yesterday. It was beautiful.

Snow on the Trash Cans
And JoyDad got to give his new snowblower a workout...

And today we all went out sledding!

Neither Joy nor Rose much wanted to go sledding last year. Rose was timid, and Joy wouldn't stay in the sled, either for a pull-ride or to go down the hill.

This year, Rose belly-flops without a second thought, and Joy sticks to the sled like a little burr! I sent Joy out into the backyard with a therapist and a sled the other day, and the therapist reported that Joy kept climbing into the sled to be pulled around. "Did she ditch out the side a lot?" I asked. "No, she held on with her hands really well," came the report.

Well, now I've seen it myself.

Joy on the Sled
JoyDad was able to give her a ride all the way from the parking lot to the hill. I was able to tow her UP the hill after a ride. Eventually we got brave and sent her down the hill on her own (I went first on a separate sled to be at the bottom to catch her.)

You should have seen her face on the first run! Sheer delight.

I don't have Redheadmomma's chops at sledding photos but here's a shot that sets the scene:

Joy Sleds Down the Hill
Joy is the sledder, JoyDad is the dark manly silhouette at the top against the gray clouds, Rose is at the right with a red sled.

Happy winter, everybody!


Anonymous said...

WOW! REALLY WOW! What a wonderful milestone for both girls! Made my day hearing about it.

"EH-uh-fuh" is still neat, huh? I'm hoping you will hear it again.

Reading this story made this balmy winter day happier for me. Thanks!
Barbara BRatK

Mama Mara said...

Wow, that almost makes the agony of watching those Baby Einstein videos worth it.


And look at you, pulling Joyand sled UP the hill. All that training is clearly paying off, Ms. Rock-Hard Quads!

Niksmom said...

This is awesome on every possible front! I'm positively kvelling for you guys! See, the rumors aren't true...Elvis lives! :-D

datri said...

Ooooh, I just love the sledding pics. I should try to get Kayla in the snow. I'm just assuming that she's going to hate it, LOL.