Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, JoyMama!!!

Yes, that's right, JoyMama is another year older. And another year wiser.

Rose and I just got done wrapping the package that contains JoyMama's gift (can't tell you what's in it, it is a SECRET!). We plan to go out to dinner tonight to a local brew pub, and then come back home and have some birthday cake. Because it's not a birthday if you don't have cake, right?

Join me in wishing JoyMama a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

UPDATED by JoyMama:
Aww, JoyDad. You stinker. *KISS*

Well, here's the cake. My very favorite birthday cake, spice cake with homemade penuche frosting:

Forty-one Candles

JoyDad and Rose got me a small CD player for treadmilling purposes. Just exactly what I wanted! I assembled a mix CD today. Will try it out Tuesday.

On my birthday, I ate cake instead of running.
Today, I ran outside in the morning. Then I ate cake for breakfast.

Life is good.


AuntLO said...

Happy Birthday! Feel free to have that extra slice of birthday cake, it doesn't count if you are eating it on my behalf :)

AuntieS said...

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy...well, you get the idea...Happy Birthday!! We all hope you have a great day and enjoy all of the fun of the day (and the cake, of course!)

-AuntieS and family

datri said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOYMAMA! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Niksmom said...

Happy Birthday! :)

therextras said...

Celebrating your life (in spirit) and not your age! chkl. MANY happy returns!

Heck, with all the running you are doing, extra cake should be required.

Thank YOU, JoyDad for clueing-us-in!

jesswilson said...

The happiest of happies! sending love!!!!

rainbowmummy said...

Wishing you a great BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY YOU!!!

Whadya get?!?!?! Enjoy the cake :0)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! And look at the bright side, as we get older we run in slower age groups! Good luck on Valentine's Day.

Uncle Marathon

Quirky Mom said...

Happy Birthday, JoyMama! Take a few sips for me at the brew pup.

Thanks so much for leaving me some fun questions to answer. If you want to read the answers, they're up!

JoyMama said...

Thank you JoyDad (who posted this while I was off at handbell rehearsal)!

And thank you everyone for all the happy wishes.

I added an update to the post, revealing the contents of the present... and my age, might I add....

Mama Mara said...

Sorry I missed your birthday! This is the first time I've been able to go online all weekend. Must stop by this week with a little sumpin for ya. (BTW I heard that if you eat cake while ON the treadmill, you double your calorie burn. I'm pretty sure I got this info from NPR.)

rainbowmummy said...

Yay for life being good :) *rainbowmummy finds something sweet to have for breakfast too share the birthday celebrations, mmmmm)

rhemashope said...

Happy Birthday!!

ARatK said...

Thanks for the update picture of your cake. It did look delicious! And I loved the creative candles!! Don't worry, none of us here will tell your's our little secret!! Birthday cake for breakfast is a requirement, I think! I baked a cake for UncleS a couple weeks ago, and then I ate it for breakfast for the next week!! So, who did I really bake that cake for???? LOL! I'm glad you had a nice birthday and the gift was very thoughtful from your family too. Just wait until you reach the age where Rose and Joy continue to get older but you don't have to if you don't want to anymore! It's a miracle!! LOL!

runatthemouth said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a good birthday. Think about this: You could easily beat your younger self in a foot race. :)