Friday, January 2, 2009

A Small Slip-Up

Exciting times here at the Joy household. My dad and stepmom are here visiting for several days, and the girls are getting lots of grandparent attention.

Last night, though, we had a little bit of attention-wandering. Grandpa Needs-an-Alias and JoyDad were out purchasing pizza, GrandmaJoy (who actually does share a first-name with her grand-daughter!) was playing in a bedroom with Rose, I was swirling around in the kitchen getting ready for the meal, and Joy was quietly watching a video in the living room.

Too quietly.

I had left a basket of fruit unattended on the dining table, and she had snagged a banana.

We have not yet taught Joy to peel bananas.

She was consuming it anyway. Peel and all. She was more than half-way through by the time I caught her. Blecchhhhh!

At least she's not a picky eater, right?


rainbowmummy said...

I would be ok with it, if it meant Egg was eating fruit.

That's such a lie, blecchhhhh is my reaction as well.

Ha, "At least she's not a picky eater, right?", not picky or not peely!

Niksmom said...

Woof! Nik does that, too, though. He doesn't like regular banana but he likes biting on the *whole* thing peel and all. *shudder*

therextras said...

Guess she was hungry.

Or, maybe this is further evidence of Joy's high threshold for pain.

Sounds like you have some kind of oral sensory issue, JoyMama.

Wish I could pull-off a 'doesn't everybody' response, but I can't even keyboard that with a straight face. BRatK

(my word verification is bicaphes. sounds like a body part. but isn't.)

Schnirelman said...

Have you never seen K-Pax? Where Kevin Spacey eats the whole banana? Joy is not the first one to whom peeling has seemed superfluous...

Mama Mara said...

My brother once tried to smoke a banana peel, and that was gnarly enough. Eating the peel - yikes.

'Course, when I was Joy's age, I liked to eat slugs off the sidewalk.

rhemashope said...

Funny! Hopefully Joy doesn't do what Rhema did after we taught her to peel a banana -- she developed a habit of wanting to un-peel ALL the bananas all the time. Green ones were a really fun challenge. We've had to put the bananas up and away, otherwise there are discarded bananas and peels all over the place!

JoyMama said...

Schnirelmann - no, alas, I have never seen K-Pax. It appears that my daughter suffers less from this cultural deprivation than I do myself.

Rainbowmummy - peely eater, I like it!

Niksmom - woof & shudder is right!

Therextras - I thought of the pain connection too...

Mama Mara - slugs? Girl, you really are on the edge!

Rhemashope - thanks for the cautionary tale!