Sunday, January 18, 2009

Role-Playing Rose

Just a few minutes ago, I had the privilege of overhearing Rose play with two American Girls dolls, while I was working in the kitchen and Joy was napping (or supposed to be napping, anyway).

The blonde doll, Kirsten, had "a disability of walking." Rose was her older sister. The brunette Molly was her friend.

Rose was providing a low-voiced running commentary on their efforts to problem-solve Kirsten's mobility.

"Now, grab on to this. That's good! That's good! Now, what will we do next?"

"Well, THAT didn't work..."

"OK, I know what to try. How about holding on here?

She came to me to share her pride and delight when Kirsten had succeeded in maneuvering half-way across the room.

She gets it, doesn't she?!


BRatK said...

I understand there is a PT school in your town.

Niksmom said...

Yes, your Rose is definitely sweet!

Mama Mara said...

Rose is an amazing kid! What a gift. She'd make Annie Sullivan jealous.

rhemashope said...

She 'gets' it when something doesn't work (even if it may have worked before), and she knows what to try next. Rose is a great "barista."

AuntieS said...

Rose definitely does get it! She is such a sweetheart, so smart and empathetic, and a wonderful big sister. And that is my totally objective and unbiased opinion as her aunt!!
-AuntieS/ARatK (I guess I didn't earn this name today!! LOL!)
P.S. My verification word is "tries." How appropriate! Rose "tries" very hard to be a good daughter and sister!