Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Numbers, Race for the Cure Edition

Much mum-mum-numbering to report from this past weekend, and yet to come...

  • 11,500 - approximate number of runners, walkers, volunteers at our local Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday

  • 878 - number of runners whose times were recorded via "chip timing"

  • 113 - number of chip-timed women runners in the 41-50 age group

  • 63 - my place in the standings among those 113

  • 30:44 - my official time

  • 1 - how many seconds slower that is than my unofficial 5K training record

  • 9:54 - what 30:44 works out to in minutes per mile

  • 10:00 - what 9:54 is under. Woohoo!!!

  • 670 - how many dollars my friends and family chipped in for the cause! AWESOME! Thank you all so much!

  • 2 3/4 - how many hours after arriving home from the race we were back on the road, on the way to cousin KJ's bar mitzvah celebration.

  • 39.1 - mpg our new Honda Fit got on the highway on the way to the temple

  • 90 - about how many minutes long the ceremony was (our new bar mitzvah had to share the proceedings with a bat mitzvah as well, which made many parts of the service twice as long)

  • 75 - how many of those minutes Joy managed to witness (we'd have made it through the whole thing if it hadn't been for a certain matter of a stinky diaper)

  • 100 - about how many pretzel sticks Joy consumed over the course of those minutes

  • 3 - number of other kids who shared with Rose the honor of pushing the challah bread cart in the ceremony

  • 1 - morsels of challah that Rose saved for her sister, who missed that part of the proceedings

  • 2 or 3 at least - how many weeks of vacation AuntieS deserves after all that bar mitzvah planning! Wonderful job - so sorry we had to skip out of the party early, but meltdowns will be meltdowns!

  • 2 - number of years, on and off, that JoyDad has been struggling on and off with pain at the back of his left foot

  • 2 - number of weeks he'll be on crutches, if all goes well, after an outpatient surgery tomorrow. Think good thoughts for him, and all of us! Maybe next year we can take the whole family to the Race for the Cure!


mama edge said...

Those are some impressive mumbers, JoyMama (or should I say JoynerMama, you Olympian?) Am sending good vibes at JoyDad's foot in hopes that one day soon he can race you. (Come by my blog...)

AuntieS said...

We are very proud of you, JoyMama, for your accomplishment (not quite proud enough to be inspired to join in the family running craze, but very proud just the same!). And we are also sorry that you had to leave before all of the festivities were completed, but totally understand. Rose did a very fine job of pushing the challah cart up to the cantor at the bimah. It looked like she was the one steering the cart, and it did not bump into any chairs or persons the whole way up the aisle! Joy was adorable, too, and we were very happy to have her in temple with us also!
And thanks for the wishes for vacation time for me...I hope my family is all reading this blog and taking your recommendations to heart!!
And, of course, we are all thinking positive thoughts for my brother, JoyDad, that his surgery and recovery will all go smoothly, easily, and quickly!

Anonymous said...

so fabulous . all of it .. mazel tov to the bar mitvah boy .. and to you!!!!

all the best to joydad!

Osh said...

I like your mum-numbers!
Good vibes headed for JoyDad!

JoyMama said...

Hey Jess - you do realize that you were an integral part of inspiring my success with this race? Your fundraising prowess I'll never hope to match -- but also your intentions for that half-marathon, even if they didn't come to pass this time around, helped get me fired up at just the right time to start the Couch to 5K. There's a lesson in here somewhere about the value of sharing your dreams, even unrealized ones... anyway, hugs and thanks!

mama edge - JoynerMama? LOL!!

JoyDad said...

Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts. Hopefully I'll be back to running before too long. I sure miss it....

Anonymous said...

Sending prayers to the Great Healer (and a few intermediaries) for quick and successful surgical correction of whatever has been keeping JoyDad from giving JoyMama the opportunity to chase him. May you need your bicycle, JoyMama. BRatK

Anonymous said...

That's a good time you posted. I'm pretty solidly in the middle of the pack, myself.

It was good seeing you, however briefly.

datri said...

Great numbers! I'm impressed!!