Sunday, June 14, 2009

Too Much Food-Network TV

So Rose comes in from playing in the sprinkler on the lawn.

"Mom, could you make me some lemonade?"

OK, I suppose I could do that. Nice day for it.

"And could I have it in a wine-glass?"

Wine-glass?! We negotiate down to a glass mug instead.

Then she hands me a fresh-picked berry from our strawberry patch.

"Garnish. Just stick it on the edge."

I'm not sure whether to blame the Barefoot Contessa or Giada de Laurentis. But it's all about the Food Network, I just know it!


datri said...

ROFL! Laurie went through an HGTV phase which was pretty scary!

mama edge said...

I wonder if this is how Martha Stewart got started...

AuntieS said...

I think Rose should be the head caterer for our next family party!!

jess said...

i LOVE it . she'll be entertaining in no time!

Barbara said...

See, tv does teach vocabulary!

What? No Monday numbers?

Elizabeth Channel said...

I love it! My 7-year-old is obsessed with "Chopped!"