Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rose Knows How It Goes

OK, I think I've got things in good shape. Packed for reunion, guest-room set up for grandparents, laundry done, house reasonably clean...

One other thing I had to do was write out a schedule for how much of which medicine Joy needs to take when, and which therapists are coming at what time for how long. I also had to write feeding instructions for our bunnies.

There's very little on the instruction sheet about Rose, though. And that's because she has already got this little instruction list that she's been following for a while, written in her own hand, attached to the fridge door.

Morning ruteen

Wake Up
make breakfast
Make bed
get dresed
put P.J.s away
play piano
pack bag
put on shoes
turn out Light
Shut door


Nigt ruteen

eat dinner
Weed garden
Jamies on
go to bed

So self-sufficient. She'll have those grandparents whipped into shape in no time.


mama edge said...

Ah yes: those multipage "instruction manuals" we write to help others take over the care and feeding of our special needs kids. I've always wondered if "typpie" kids needed caretaker documentation as well.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

i love that 'play' is on the to-do list - TWICE!

i think we all need to remember to put playing on our to-do list

AuntieS said...

Could Rose organize me when you come to visit next time??? I make to-do lists all the time and never seem to get much done or enjoy them as much as Rose seems to enjoy her list!! I bet she could make a very interesting list for me!! And I would certainly hope that she would include "play" on my list too!!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Wow--I need her over here. That's inspirational!