Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kisses in High Places

Joy was delightfully kiss-y this evening!

She'd run up, grin & giggle right into my face, and then pull my head down till our lips were touching.

As JoyDad and I watched President Obama's speech before Congress this evening, she was bouncing all around the living room with kissies and smiles.

At one point during the speech, the mood in the congressional chamber grew pensive as the president honored the late, great Senator Edward Kennedy.

Could it possibly have been coincidence, that JUST as the president mentioned Senator Kennedy's across-the-aisle collaboration with Senator Chuck Grassley regarding Medicaid for children with disabilities...

Joy approached the TV screen, and put her smiling face right up to his. Just at that moment.

You've been kissed by an angel, Mr. President.


Anonymous said...


simply perfect

Tim said...

Who wouldn't want to give kisses all around with such an intelligent, well spoken President addressing both Congress and the Nation?

Tim said...

This reminds me. I don't want to turn this into a political arena, but I don't even think that in the hundreds of hours of Prime Ministers Questions from the House of Commons in GB to which I have listened, I have ever heard, even with all the shouting, which is expected - and even prized- someone behaving so poorly and insulting the Prime Minister in such a fashion as to shout out "you're lying".
---To those those in the know: "Question #1 Mister Speaker". "This morning I have had meetings with ministerial colleagues in addition to my duties in the house. I shall have further such meetings later today."

JoyMama said...

What, Tim, you were smooching the screen too? ;-)

Perhaps I'd have been more tempted if Michelle O. and JoyDad weren't right there and all...

Red v. blue wasn't my intent here (though regular readers have a pretty good idea of where I stand). Joy is the point -- and a rather astonishing point she is, no?

AuntieS said...

Joy is obviously a very brilliant child since she was aable to understand what was being talked about and react! It really doesn't matter what a person's politics is. It is just cool that Joy seemed to know and understand that a topic so close to her, and your, heart was being discussed!!

Anonymous said...

i love it when they are kiss-y like that. love it!