Monday, April 12, 2010


Many tulips in the front flowerbed, glorious in the sun!

Many tulips
Many vocalizations from Joy, quite a few of them word-approximations.

Many "squares" in Rose's hopscotch masterpiece on the driveway.

Many hopscotch squares
Many minutes it takes me to run an 8k (and not so many days until I run in the Crazylegs Classic.)

Many splinters in one little Joy-hand (Sigh. And she's more sensitive these days about splinter-removal. Which I guess is good?)

Many splinters
Many buffet options at the restaurant where we went for brunch yesterday with the Wisconsin-grandparents. Something for everyone, picky or no.

Many buds waiting to burst into blossom on the lilacs, and the cherry trees, and the apple trees.

May your week hold many fine adventures as well!


jess said...

a bounty indeed! ('cept those splinters .. ouchies!)

Anonymous said...

And many blossoms on our peach tree.

But you're killing me with the tulips. We got nothin.

Uncle Marathon

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Love the first two photos, and I'm sorry for the last! Hope the removal wasn't too traumatic!

AuntieS said...

The tulips and the vocalizations sound wonderful!!! It is interesting that Joy seems more sensitive and aware of the splinters, although I'm sorry she has to be bothered by them. I heard good reports from the Wisconsin-grandfather about the outing to the restaurant, especially about how much more Joy seemed to be engaged and vocalizing. Sounds like it was a fun time.
Around here, there are buds on many trees, and the few straggly tulips and hyacinths I still have are blooming. I have vowed to have my friend help me plant bulbs for the fall blooming season, so hopefully I'll have more pretty flowers by then!! LOL!
It feels like it's gonna be a warm, sunny day today. I hope it's the same by you!
-AuntieS said...

Beautiful flowers! Poor girl with the slivers! Happy spring!

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

It was a day of many things. All seem great except, of course, the splinters. Ouch!

Elizabeth Channel said...

Cool post idea! Poor splintered girl!