Friday, November 19, 2010

Included: J-Cat's Birthday Party

In Joy's life lately, there have been lots of neat little examples and efforts toward inclusion -- thinking about ways to integrate her life and her experiences into the lives of those around her. I was contemplating a great big long post about it, but it grew too huge. So I'm going to post a bunch of examples, in bits and pieces. That way your eyes don't cross while reading, and I get a whole bunch of posts out of it instead of just one! (Ulterior motive thus confessed.)

First up -- a birthday party last month. We are so happy when Joy gets invited to birthday parties! This one was a family party, celebrating the birthday of her young suitor and playdate friend, otherwise known as J-Cat.

The hand-designed thank-you card from J-Cat to Joy

A number of things went into making this party successful for Joy. First off, it was a family party, so there were parents floating around along with kids of various ages, meaning that not all the kids had to be involved in any one activity all at once. Then there was a meal that Joy appreciated heartily -- pizza, grapes, baby carrots, and birthday cake! all things that she loves to eat.

Most importantly, J-Cat's mom had Joy-proofed the living room area and filled it with things she's liked on our playdates: an exercise ball to bounce on, scarves and ribbons and noisy toys. Other kids could come join her there, and some did for little stretches -- Rose helped take the lead with that -- but Joy could also happily play alone while adults talked nearby. She also went outside to swing on their swingset, while other kids ran around with their games.

Birthday cheer to J-Cat, and thanks to his mama! We sure enjoyed the party.


pixiemama said...

What a sweet invite. Adorable.

And cheers to those who get it!


Anonymous said...

cheers to those who get it indeed. what a wonderfully thoughtful host!

Big Daddy Autism said...

Awesome. What a great host / friend.

Lynn said...

Now that is an awesome birthday party experience. They should all be like that!

PS: Whatever you do don't go read any of Big Daddy's recent comments. If you do, that obnoxious woman named Lynn who made a rude joke about Wisconsin? Definitely not me.

JoyMama said...

I let J-Cat's mama know that this post is here, so she can come read it -- and your lovely comments!

Lynn - hmmf. So you too partake of the WI/IL traditional trash-talking, huh? I'll have to keep an eye on you!

JoyDad said...

Lynn - We don't allow green and gold in this house during football season. Nothing but the blue and orange. Just saying...

Casdok said...

Fab :)

Anonymous said...

I think your motives are pure - and consistent with true-bloggy-benefit!

I like all who like the JoyFamily!