Sunday, November 28, 2010


So much to be thankful for, this Thanksgiving weekend!
  • For good health and good weather, that enabled us to take our planned crazy Thankgiving road trip to Chicagoland and on to Indiana.

  • For smooth traffic and open-road tolling, reducing the drive-time immensely -- we have plenty of past years' memories of waiting in long idling lines for our turn to throw coins into tollboth baskets.

  • For Rose's help with the pie-baking on Thursday morning, as we step through our crazy routine -- there's that insanity bit again! -- of trying to bake two kinds of pies plus pack on the morning of Thanksgiving Day itself. The pecan pie (complete with caramel candy and rum) was about the best ever.

  • For AuntieS and her labors of love in preparing her home for company, and preparing the rest of the feast, and sticking with it even through a lot of little "oopses" in the process. It was all delicious, and we'd never have guessed at the trials and tribulations!

  • For AuntieS again and her thoughtful purchase of little Thanksgiving gift-lets for the girls. For Joy, she chose a non-traditional present of two little bundles of curly-ribbons from the gift-wrap aisle. Perfect, perfect, perfect! For Rose, a Barrel of Monkeys, with which she played as if it were a brand-new invention.

  • For Joy's delight in tossing the curly ribbons back and forth in a "my-turn, your-turn" game with AuntieS's mother-in-law -- with whom Joy has never actually played before.

  • For my amazing 101-year-old grandmother, whom we helped to move into assisted living quarters last Thanksgiving. Not that she felt quite ready for the move at age 100, mind you. Her new apartment is bright and comfortable, and she's among the least "assisted" of the residents there. She took us on a tour of the building, she played cards and dominoes with Rose, she and I compared reading lists, she took us out to dinner!

  • For the family of Joy's playdate pal J-Cat, who loaned us a portable DVD player for the trip, making Baby Einstein possible at Great-Grandma's and in the car.

  • For the swimming pool at the hotel, so the girls could work off some of their energy while JoyDad (who did ALL the driving) and Great-Grandma could take an afternoon break.

  • For zero "acts of ow" between Joy and Rose for the entire trip cooped up in the car -- right up until a hair-pull when we had arrived back home in our own driveway and I wasn't getting Joy out of the car quickly enough to suit.

  • For Joy's success in putting a few carefully-chosen ornaments onto our little artificial Christmas tree, and for Rose's delight in decorating the rest of it.

  • For seventeen years of marriage between JoyMama and JoyDad, as of yesterday. Here's to the next seventeen!


Big Daddy Autism said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lynn said...

Where in Chicagoland were you? I know that you didn't stop by because of that Wisconsin crack I made :)

Sounds like a VERY successful trip. I hate to admit how much Baby Einstein on a portable DVD player has gotten us through!

JoyMama said...

Big Daddy - thanks! :-)

Lynn - yeah, the Wisconsin crack, that's what did it. I love me some comment-grudges! Even more so, I'm sure you were busy on Thanksgiving Day as we zoomed into Buffalo Grove and then back out. Must connect in person some day, though!

KWombles said...

Happy Thanksgiving and anniversary. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for the JoyFamily and this beautiful blog they support.


AuntieS said...

And AuntieS is so thankful to have had such a lovely visit from Joy and family! All the frustrating little problems I encountered while cooking and cleaning were worth it to have family here for the holiday. And, I do agree that the pecan pie was one of the best ever (although it's always delicious every year!!). The one left over piece I had made a great breakfast the next morning!! Pecans are healthy breakfast food, right????
I'm so glad your weekend went so well. And I am very happy that you two have celebrated another wedding anniversary!

Professor Mother said...

I like your AuntS's breakfast choices! That's a woman after my own heart... :) Your grandmother sounds like the poem "When I am an Old Woman, I shall Wear purple"...

Congratulations for so many things, JoyFamily! We celebrate right along with you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you had a great trip, and I remember reading about your grandmother - what an amazing woman! While reading about your pies, I thought, 'I just know JoyMama's pies have got to be incredible.' Yum, yum.