Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I think I'm still on a Thanksgiving-turkey tryptophan buzz. Hope you're up for some randomness, 'cause that's all you're getting today!

  • What a whirlwind of a holiday weekend! Much baking of pies Thursday morning, much gobbling and chattering Thursday evening at Auntie S's place. Different lodgings both Friday and Saturday nights, several sets of family gatherings, whoo!

  • I'm not going to see the movie "Four Christmases." Who needs to go to the theatre to experience multiple family holiday gatherings stacked one atop the other?

  • Joy was a super little traveler. She's so content to ride along in her carseat, especially if we toss her a toy now and then. Rose actually demands more attention than Joy, can you believe?

  • Thursday night we stayed over with Uncle Marathon & Auntie Save-the-Tatas. They have a brand-new kitten that Rose just swooned over (the more so because I have allergies so she can't have a kitty of her own). Joy was willing to give the kitty a pat or two, but she REALLY wanted to play with: the cat toys. We came home with a toy which has a ball & jingle bell on top of a spring growing out of a stand. I am not exaggerating when I say this toy had a catnip-like effect on Joy!!

  • Our Friday visit was to my grandmother, who turned 100 last May. Our visit happened to fall during her move from her retirement apartment across the street into an assisted-living apartment. I want to be not-quite-ready to move into assisted-living when I'm 100... I hope that her new place, bright and sparkling, begins to feel homelike soon.

  • Grandma took us out to dinner Friday night. Joy drank from an open plastic-glass at the Old Country Buffet! Without spilling a drop! Two glasses of lemonade and was asking for more!

  • Saturday we got to see Auntie RatM and Auntie Meerkat -- it had been a long time! We got to take them to the park to play with the girls. Rose swirled herself down the firepole over and over, with great drama. Joy let me guide her in climbing up a somewhat wobbly web-like climber up to the slide platform. What a trooper.

  • More Joy awesomeness, quoting from her OT's update last week: "This kiddo is pretty amazing at motor planning those activities which she's motivated for! ... When [Joy] wants something she's crafty, smart, clever, strong, and fairly precise with her movements. What a great kid!"

  • When I read an update like that, it's no wonder I get confused about labels. In a good way, though.

  • I wonder how many blogposts are waiting for me in my Google Reader? Maybe I'll go find out.


mama edge said...

Step away from the Reader! It'll just overwhelm.

Love the happy stories about Joy. And your grandma? Awesomeness personified.

Anonymous said...

I believe everything you say.

And have similar hopes for the transition year into my 2nd century.

Almost feel jealous you got to see all those relatives I know only through this blog.

Another randomly Joyful post!


Anonymous said...

glad you got to visit with your grandmother. is she on your mother or father's side? (since i've read some of your mother's writings, i'm just curious).

i still chuckle over the names of relatives. i mean, auntie meerkat??

JoyMama said...

rhemashope - she's my mother's mother, so yes, she's the one you read about! :-)

And Auntie Meerkat is a zookeeper. I could as easily have dubbed her Auntie Rhino and then you'd really have been wondering...

K said...

WOW on the OT's note
How awesome and promising
There is something very interesting about motivation - how do our children's very bodies and minds change when they are motivated ?
R is the same !
Perhaps the answer is the corollary - when they are dis-interested they are much more so than NT kids ( atleast R is)

pixiemama said...

Love the OT's note.

Mama Edge is right - step away from the reader. You have such a plateful right now.

Thinking of you and your fam often.