Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keeping Busy

Lots of busy, so far this summer.

Rose decided that she rather liked the sidewalk-chalk activities from our trip to the Capitol the other week. Since we haven't taken the opportunity to do any more political work downtown since then, she brought the sidewalk chalk to our own neighborhood, creating a collaborative mural all over the driveway apron that we share with a couple other homes.

She didn't just draw it all herself, though. No, she invited the neighborhood in, with chalked-invitations all the way up the street:

She drew blank boxes for others to fill in, drew a snowman for others to add features to, solicited responses to little jokes. Then she left chalk out to see what would happen... and people came! We saw several adults stop and add their doodles on their way down to the restaurant or local grocery. There aren't many children in our neighborhood, but we got enthusaistic participation from several of the kids nearby.

Joy, meanwhile, continues to busily request our involvement in little interactive games too -- such as peek-a-boo.

Like the new cut? I get better at the boyish cut every time I do it, though Joy isn't really fond of getting it done and makes the activity a challenge. I pretty much had to do it, though, and here's why:

Again. Dangit.

Yes, she's been busy once again, stimmy-pulling out her own hair, mostly along the line of her nevus-scar.

I didn't want to take it all the way down to a bald-buzz this time. But I may have to yet. She's still working on trying to pull the stubby little hairs that she's got left.

At least it's summer. Her scalp may get too much sun, but it won't be cold.


Anonymous said...

I know you did not want to buzz her pretty hair again but good for you for being willing and able.

Rose's chalktown is amazing! What an ingenious project! Looks like a case where parental role-modeling proved a perfect method for teaching.


JoyMama said...

Barbara - the first buzz was the hardest buzz. It's amazing how much easier some things get after the first go-round or two... I'm hoping it's grown back nicely by the new school year.

I'm very much aware of savoring these childhood Rose-years before she blossoms -- or careens -- into the teen years. (Not that there won't be teen blessings as well, but I know there will be lots of new challenges too.)

Bethany said...

I love Rose's Chalk Town and how she decided to create a project to bring together the neighborhood. I am sorry that Joy has rediscovered her love of pulling her hair. She still looks adorable in the buzz cut and I love the one eye peeking out for peek a boo!