Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gone Fishin'

I'm about to disappear again for a few days. This time, I thought I'd warn you!

It's time once more for the annual Memorial Day trek to the rustic family lake-front cabins in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We'll open the cabins for the season, put in the pier, eat bacon & eggs for breakfast, put in the pontoon boat, go fishing (more than likely unsuccessfully), walk in the woods, identify spring wildflowers, and spend relaxed quality time with JoyDad family. Can hardly wait!

Oh, and I might go on a training run or two. Just LOOK at my fundraising page for the Komen Race for the Cure, y'all! [Update: link removed.] I'm currently in third place as fundraiser among timed runners for this event... one more donation and I'd bump up into second place... which is the only chance I have of placing in the race with my poky running pace!! What awesome friends and family I have. By the way, the fundraising grand-total for the event is headed toward $200,000!

Here are some previous lake-visit posts. Look for another one on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Bye now!


Anonymous said...

It is called fishing not catching. hehe.

I appreciate the warning! I am stuffing envy for your cabin-camping, but happy for a favorite family to get this wonderful experience.

Be safe. BRatK

pixiemama said...


Have fun. What with the lack of running water and all. haha.


Anonymous said...

Say hi to the Promised Land (as Brandon calls it) for me!

AuntieS said...

Good for you for what you have raised for the run! That is great!
Have a good time this weekend, too. I wish I could join you all, but just couldn't swing it this year! I would have been happy to watch Joy and Rose while you went running!! LOL! I hope you do catch a fish or two!! My mom used to bring enough groceries for all but one meal, when we would be up at the cabins in the summer. We HAD to catch fish or we would have been hungry one night without any dinner!! LOL! Somehow, we always managed to catch enough. Nothin' like fresh fish for dinner--blue gill, bass, northerns! I really, really do wish I could be there. Have fun, and I hope the weather is good.

Anonymous said...

have a great time!!!!

Quirky Mom said...

I hope you're enjoying your weekend. When you get back, you've been tagged!