Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

A belated May-basket to Keely at The UnMom for running this Random Tuesday Thoughts operation, and giving me a reason for randomness!

  • Joy wants "more". She's been signing it for food, bubble machine, swinging, all sorts of goodies and activities. Way to go, girl!

  • Rose wants more too. More time playing with Mama.

  • Mama wants more too. More independence on the part of Rose, especially during handbell concert season.

  • Sunday's concert went awesomely well. I love it when we finish a piece and the audience gives a little gasp/sigh after the last note and before the applause...

  • We debuted new royal-blue floor-length dresses for the show, most with plunging necklines, and managed not to have a single "wardrobe malfunction"!

  • When Joy has a "wardrobe malfunction" it usually has to do with a leaky diaper.

  • Why is it that Joy always seems to wake up in the wee small hours on Tuesday mornings, one of her busiest days of the week?

  • I was up early today too, but it was intentional. Got a nice pre-dawn run in. Lots of birds and blossoms and bunnies out there.

  • The strawberry patch is starting to bloom, now that JoyDad has fenced the bunnies out. Can't wait till the garden we planted this weekend starts to sprout as well!

  • Did you know that violets are edible? Tastes kind of lettuce-like and makes a lovely unusual contrast to a salad of greens. Rose has loved picking flowers for dinner. Joy eats them on her plate, but hasn't figured out to pick them out of the yard to eat. Which is just as well, I suppose.

  • Happy Cinco de Mayo!


JoyDad said...

Violets taste like chicken.

Joy was signing "more" while standing in front of the piano. She'd throw the "more" sign, play a few notes, throw the sign, play a few notes...

Rose was playing independently last night while JoyMama was at a bell rehearsal. And with no help from JoyDad she managed to independently and "accidentally" soak herself with the garden hose.

JoyDad is taking Rose to see the bell choir on Saturday. He had not previously considered the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction, but promises to focus on the music.

Today's random word verification is "mischom." A Google search for "mischom" returned 694 results in in 0.22 seconds.

I am guilty of "this:"

I am Harriet said...

Yeah...avoided the "wardrobe malfunction" . It's important!

Anonymous said...

and a happy cionco de mayo to you as well! love joy dad's 'violets taste like chickem' .. good stuff!

JoyMama said...

JoyDad, I think you get to write the randomness next Tuesday. You're very good at it.

And yes, please do focus on the music. We can save the "wardrobe malfunctions" for after the show. ;-)

Otter Thomas said...

Our waldrope malfunctions include poop sometimes too. Funny how being a parent can change the meaning of everything.

kia (good enough mama) said...

Yay Joy! :) That's so awesome that her signing is coming along.

Also yay for no wardrobe malfunctions - diapers and boobies included! ;)

Osh said...

Happy "More" Day!

Jennifer said...

Oooo, the dresses sound pretty. I don't think I own anything low cut anymore.

Jaime said...

i want more too. :)

Keely said...

So glad the signing is coming along! Thanks for the May Basket ;)

Elizabeth Channel said...

Yipee on the signing!

You are good with the random, by the way.