Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Numbers

Monday Mum-mum-numbers

Hey, Kia! Are you doing Monday Mum-mum-numbers this week?

Well, whether you are or not, I am!
  • 94 - number of miles I've run since I started keeping count in February. Will hit 100 this week!

  • 2 - number of times I've already had to raise my way-too-modest fundraising goal for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. You guys rock. Your new challenge - make me do it again!!

  • 1 - number of bell concerts Saturday night.

  • 2 - number of standing ovations (one for the full group, one for an awesome duet played by 2 of our members!)

  • 3 - number of bells I got to ring simultaneously in ONE hand during a certain passage in Bach's Little Fugue

  • 1 - mylar helium fish-balloon I brought home from the concert decorations for the girls.

  • 100 - percent of her time that Joy spent playing with the balloon and its lovely stringy ribbon yesterday until we hid it away.

  • 7 - handwritten coupons received from Rose yesterday for Mothers Day

  • 2 - coupons I have already redeemed (hugs and a big ol' room-cleaning - yes, this mama is hard-core! I helped her with the room though.)

  • 4 - weeks we technically have to test out the 7-Level-Communicator, a voice-recorded communication device that's a big step up from Joy's push-button.

  • 1 - number of days it took Joy to figure out the new tool. Wow.

  • 5 - number of times Joy went to jump in her bouncy castle with her playdate friend on Tuesday.

  • 0 - level of enthusiasm she'd had for the bouncy castle last year when it was her big birthday present. This is a major improvement!

  • 32 - number of pieces of sports equipment in the kit I got Friday from Special Olympics, for their Young Athletes family program that we'll be doing this summer at home.

  • 3 - number of list-items in this post (at least) that deserve blog-posts of their own.

  • 14 - cups of rhubarb that went into the deep freeze yesterday from our one prolific plant.

  • 5 - names I'm aware of for the flowering bush that we planted yesterday: serviceberry, Juneberry, saskatoon, shadberry, Amelanchier.

  • Gazillion - blossoms on the apple tree in our back yard.

Gazillion Blossoms

Oh, and half a gazillion dandelions in the lawn to go with 'em. At least the yellow is bright and cheery against the green grass!

Update: Ooo, forgot an important one.
  • 8 - number of months since Joy's last knock-down seizure, as of today. Woo hoo! (And, knock on wood!)


Aunties said...

3 bells in one hand! Amazing
7 coupons from Rose! Terrific
4 weeks with new communicator! Intriguing
14 cups of rhubarb! Rhubarb pie??? Here??? Next holiday????? Yummy!!

Good to hear that Joy enjoyed her bouncy castle and that you got hugs from Rose!


Anonymous said...

all we needed was the last one, but there's sooooooo much to celebrate here!

p.s. that photo is divine.

JoyDad said...

Yeah, we've gotten so used to Joy not having seizures. It's good to be reminded of how it was, lest we take the current lack of seizures for granted.

datri said...

Awesome numbers!!

Curious about the communication device. Kayla's getting bored with her 4 button switch, LOL.

Anonymous said...

yes, that is so great about Jy being seizure-free. i distinctly remember when you wrote about the last blue-lipper. thank God for 8 mos.!

your running is inspiring.

that photo is AWESOME!