Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's been a while... the randomness has been building up... it's time for another edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts!

  • What a beautiful morning for a pre-dawn run! I am back to being able to slow-jog a full 5K. Emphasis on the slow.

  • JoyDad is running too. I think the last time we were both doing the running thing was back during my fire-eating, bridge-jumping grad-school days. Except that now we have to tag-team. Can't leave the sleeping kids alone in the house and all.

  • Hey, maybe these ARE my fire-eating, bridge-jumping grad-school days again. Y'think?

  • One week from today, Rose goes back to school -- as a second grader. Woo hoo!

  • Tomorrow, I go to my first day of orientation for my leadership training program. Woo hoo times two!

  • It took me three tries to pass the Emergency Procedures and Infection Control test that followed the pre-orientation online training module I took this weekend. I am quite certain that I will never need to know that Security personnel, and not the fire department, are responsible for fire-watch when the sprinkler systems go offline in the university health-care buildings. But now you know too. Just in case.

  • Speaking of sprinkler systems -- we're working with Joy on drinking from an open cup. She likes to put her hand into it to play with the water, and even when she's using it properly, she doesn't always pay enough attention to get the cup put back safely down. She did great the other day at snack with her barista, though, who commented afterward, "That was some impressive drinking -- and I mean that in a non-undergraduate sort of way!"

  • With fall-like weather and school coming on, I sorted clothes for the girls this weekend. Joy has grown into her sister's old 5Ts. There's a particularly cute dress I pulled out for her... checked the tag... yep, 5T, good deal... and then I saw the label name. SPEECHLESS GIRLS. Must have been made for her!

  • Except that Rose wore the dress in her day. And on the speech front, my girls are like matter and anti-matter.

  • Except that I had them on the same tire-swing last night. And it didn't cause a universe-ending, matter/anti-matter collision. I swung 'em high, totally whipped that swing in circles. The grins were immense.

  • Both my ladies continue to be loving the Food Network Channel. Joy's favorite thing about it lately appears to be the logo-bubble image on the lower right of the screen. She keeps trying to pop it.

  • Speaking of bubbles. Must... go... shower. See ya!


Missy said...

Nice randomness. Woo Hoo, school starting... Can't wait!

jesswilson said...

Hey, maybe these ARE my fire-eating, bridge-jumping grad-school days again.

i LOVE that sentence. Hell yes.

Snooker said...

Congrats on making the 5K again. Before you know it, you'll be tagging him on your way in while barely sweating.

I am Harriet said...

Love pre-dawn runs! You never know what you'll see!
Have a great Tuesday!

therextras said...

Random applause for all!

'Cept for that test score. Whaaah!? In your certainty, go knock on some wood. (I just did.)

Fall.like.weather. Gah! You just got to swim once as a family! Weren't you running in pre-dawn spring weather with unmelted snow in the shadows - 2 weeks ago?

I'll be swimming until the daily highs dip below 90...likely sometime in September!


Kim said...

I don't think I could run 5 blocks, let alone 5K

Mimzy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Joy in all of her wonderfulness! (I think it's for sure now... she's on my caselist and it was assigned in our weekly assignments with all the correct people)

I am going to make the most of my last day off though!

rhemashope said...

What's with the open cup thing? Everytime we give Rhema an open cup she either tries to soak her nails in it or she sprints to the bathroom and dumps the contents into the toilet. Every. time. Sigh.

Enjoyed the randomness. How was orientation?