Thursday, August 6, 2009

Favorites (Post Number 200)

Picking the top posts from a year-plus worth of Elvis Sightings is an interesting exercise.

There are a couple of different possible metrics to use. We have, of course, the nominated favorites, what we might call "Readers' Choice." Then we have posts with the most comments, posts that actually made things happen in the real world, posts that get the most hits. And then (since I'm doing the writing, hee hee) we have my own favorites.

So here we go!

There were four posts that tied for the most comments, with 16 comments each:

As far as posts that make things happen, I guess we don't always know what people do with our words after we put them out there. The action isn't always in the comments, either. My Nov. 08 post Complexity, which quoted and reflected on Tracy Kidder's book Mountains Beyond Mountains, got only one comment but inspired a friend to organize a discussion-group around the book at our congregation's annual winter retreat. My March 09 post ABLE Accounts and "A Bad Place" about the ABLE Accounts Act of 2009 generated some communication with legislators. I also hope that my product reviews have been useful; I know that I've gotten wonderful feedback on both situations and products when I've solicited advice.

The most-frequently-viewed posts, due primarily to Google image hits, are the Stunning Company one (between Tyra Banks, Natalie Porter, Demi Moore, and Joy, it's Demi who gets the most searches) and my 5th post ever, on Linear Nevus Sebaceous Syndrome. The LNSS post also generated a contact that is this close to making a substantial real-world contribution. I will let you know when the project goes live!

Then we have the nominated favorites. I suppose it's a good thing that some commenters couldn't limit themselves to one...

But the Number One nominee (several enthusiastic votes), and also a personal favorite of mine, to which I have referred again and again, the acrobatic metaphor for how I generally live my life, is of course: Spin, Spin, Spin. The JoyFamily spinning plate act has no need to go on tour -- this blog invites you all right into the midst of it.

Runners-up for my personal favorites include:

Hmmm. Guess I went a few over ten, huh? Oh well. Who sets the rules around here, anyway?


Anonymous said...

I would definitely have nominated the fire eating post, but my online presence is somewhat spotty until the cable company comes to the new house.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh - i forgot listening with all my heart! that was DEFINITELY a favorite too!

all wonderful, all impactful in their own ways.

happy 200

JoyDad said...

Congrats, and may you have many more two-hundred-iversaries.

Anonymous said...

i was glad to see "Favorite Place" on the list b/c that is a post that certainly 'made things happen in the real world.' i'm telling you the truth, i think of that post everytime i'm scampering around trying to clean the house before rhema's therapist comes! if i try to cut corners, there you are... in my head!

happy 200, my friend!

Anonymous said...

I forgot about the fire eating post! Thanks, ratm!

ditto to JD's comment - many 200's more!

wv - amish

mama edge said...

Congrats on the big 200! I too LOVED the "favorite place" post. I'd also nominate one other: the one commemorating the day we found each other.

Blessed to know you.

Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

Congratulations on reaching 200 posts and thanks for sharing the list of faves! It's always interesting to look back and see which posts generated discussion and which ones just kind of sat there (it's never the ones I think will).

Many happy returns!

Quirky Mom said...

Extended Metaphor is definitely one of my faves, but how was I to pick? There are so many wonderful posts on your blog. Really.