Saturday, October 10, 2009

Help me with my homework?

Greetings all,

Sorry I've been a little bit scarce around here. Our home computer got virus-munched earlier this week, which has caused certain spinning plates to go all wobbly. With any luck it'll be back up and running by Monday sometime. Till then, I'm making extra trips to the office for e-mail forays and LEND coursework. Like now.

So, speaking of my leadership coursework... want to help?

One aspect of the course is a policy-advocacy component, which will involve selecting and researching a policy issue, and eventually visiting with a legislator. I need to brainstorm potential autism-related policy areas among which to choose -- as you know, I've been active around the issue of autism-insurance in Wisconsin, but the legislation did pass (yay!) and I'm thinking of taking on something else.

Here's the brainstorm part of the assignment:

Brainstorm a list of challenges that children and youth with autism and their families face.

I figure one might add "upon which legislation might be brought to bear." But maybe that includes all of them, if defined broadly enough?

Anyway. Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to list some such challenges for me to add to my own list. Who knows, I may pick your issue for my big policy push!

Ready, set, comment!


Anonymous said...

What's the current status of that 529 legislation you mentioned earlier? In this post:

I don't know if that matches your interests at all, but it's legislation.

Niksmom said...

Finding respite.

Mama said...

As far as education goes, my daughter was denied an IEP because they deemed her problems with social skills unecessary of an IEP and since she is gifted academically she doesn't qualify for anything. It does not matter to them that when she's in a highly stimulating social environment AKA the classroom then her learning is affected and she is unable to display her abilities. All they care is that when tested one on one on academic issues she scores above average. Maybe some sort of legislation that requires social skills, which are just as important as academics for success in life, to be considered IEP worthy even if there is not a immediate need for academics in an IEP.

mama edge said...

My greatest concern is about (the lack of) services for teens and adults on the spectrum. My sons probably won't be able to live independently, but Rocky in particular could live in a supported living situation -- like what we offer to elderly folks who don't need nursing home-level care. Apparently, I'm dreaming on that one.

JoyMama said...

Ideas much appreciated -- and new contributions still welcomed! This is a good help!

runatthemouth - the ABLE Accounts legislation is still stuck in committee, though continues to attract a trickle of new co-sponsors -- one in the Senate as recently as the first of October! Co-sponsor count now stands at 11 in the Senate, 134 in the House. I'll have to think about to what extent I want to pursue this. On the one hand, I still think it's important legislation. On the other hand, the target audience is narrower than some in that it only helps those who, like, actually have some extra money to be able to save... :-)