Friday, October 2, 2009

To Cancel a Thursday

Fortunately, we didn't have to cancel a thing yesterday - happy first day of October, and all.

Last week was a different story.

Mid-way through her evening therapy session last Wednesday, poor Joy suddenly began to empty the contents of her stomach onto the dining room floor. I could not believe that one little body could hold so much! We ended the session, bathed the girl, started the laundry, and then had two more rounds of heaving as the evening went on. She slept through the night, but there was no way that we were going to be able to go with the Thursday as planned. JoyDad & I were both scheduled to work, but decided to split the day at home to take care of Joy.

So who did we need to contact?

1) Lynda, Joy's regular daycare lady, to let her know of the incident and ask if Joy was the only one. (She wasn't - the bug had been going 'round the daycare, but at least we learned that the barfing was short-lived and the recovery was only about a day.)

2) The babysitter for the day, the new one we've hired to come into our home on Thursdays to supervise the Thursday therapies, thus shaking loose the hours I need to do my LEND leadership training program this semester.

3) Four regular baristas (therapists), plus a supervisor and a trainee.

4) The neighbor who walks Rose home from school, to let her know to call our home number and not try the babysitter's cell if they decided to play at the park on the way home.

5) My workplace.

6) JoyDad's workplace.

7) The evening babysitter - who actually got to us first because she wasn't feeling well herself! I had been planning to get out for a rare chance to see a show in which JoyDad's band was opening for another act. (Dagnabbit).

8) The wife of the singer in the band, whom I was going to pick up on the way to the gig.

OK, by my count, that's 13 notifications.

We're blessed to have that many people involved in our lives, and Joy's, and Rose's.

But... mercy.

Fortunately Joy recovered swiftly, as expected. None of the rest of us have shown any signs, and now that a week has passed, we're expecting that we're good to go. Which is helpful, because we're off to the northwoods for the weekend, starting early Saturday morning.

See you afterwards!


AuntieS said...

Whew!! That's quite a call list for you! I'm sorry that Joy ended up sick, but glad that the rest of you didn't seem to catch the bug too. Have a good time over the weekend. I'll hope the weather isn't too cold or too rainy!

jess wilson said...

Damn girl, those played do spin, don't they?

Glad everyones better and have fun this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Please touch base with us. We'd like to share your story on

Osh said...

Enjoy the weekend and stay warm!

Niksmom said...

Well, I'm a bit late to the party (kkind of usual for me lately!) but I hope everything worked out OK for your trip to the northwoods!

Glad Joy's feeling better now.

Anonymous said...

Well even if it takes a village of 15, at least one of them has to lead the tribe - to make all the phone calls! lol.