Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Case of the Shreds

Joy loves her pillow, the one she sleeps with in her tented crib.

As in, I mean she luuuuuvs her pillow. I think the word I'm looking for is... well, humping. Although her senior barista tactfully refers to it as "making friends with her pillow."

This pillow-relationship seems to have entered a new phase this week, however. As the week progressed, I started to notice that her threadbare old pillowcase was starting to collect little rips. I threw it out, only to have the phenomenon happen a second time with another old pillowcase. So I tossed that one too, and this morning pulled out one from the JoyParents' regular pillowcase rotation.

Here's what she did to her parents' pillowcase during naptime today:

Shredded Pillowcase
Sometimes love really hurts!

We're going to try a flannel pillowcase tonight.

Wish us luck.


Niksmom said...

Oh my! Does she do that with her hands or does she simply love it to death? Hope the flannel pillow case helps.

mama edge said...

Flannel is a girl's best friend?

JoyMama said...

Niksmom - I suspect there are teeth involved. Vampire-love, perhaps?

jess wilson said...

Wow, that's some aggressive um 'friend making' ;)

Anonymous said...

To you, I'll offer up that a dear friend of mine has this same circumstance with her male dog. She's had to dispose of many a pillow. I'll take a little girl and her pillow over Bobo and his any day! It's not so bad :)

To my friend, I'll pass on the alternate view of "making friends".

JoyMama said...

Hi blackknightsbrood, and welcome!

I'm not sure there's much I can say to your comment except -- in the words of John Elder Robison - "Woof!"

By the way, everyone, the flannel pillowcases are working really well. There's a little hole in one of them, but not of the huge shreddy three-corner tears.