Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Artifact from Another Era

The semester ended. And I looked around the house, rather shocked at what I saw. Oh, the piles of "stuff"! And the dust-bunnies!

And, we're hosting our fellowship-group from church for a potluck on Saturday!

So I started to dig out, and organize the piles and bags and boxes that have somehow accumulated all over the place. One bag that I dug into to organize was Joy's little bunny-backpack, which serves as a diaper bag.

At the bottom of the bag, I found an artifact from another era. It was a syringe of emergency medication, for use in case of a seizure that lasted emergency-long.

We never came close to an occasion to use it, and the seizures eventually faded, and we go entire days (weeks?) without thinking of them. It was time to move the medication -- still well within its "good till" date -- into the medicine cabinet and not carry it around everywhere.

Those days may yet return. For now, though, it feels really good to take that medicine out of the diaper bag. The less unnecessary stuff, the better.

P.S. I think I'll tackle the piles of paper on the desk tomorrow. And clean the bathrooms. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

What better luck do you need than to not have to think about seizures?! Silently celebrating with you for another milestone in the seizure-free arena!

CollegeSon is home! Finished decorating the tree today! Will be doing some of that lucky housekeeping, too, for friends to come over to ooh and aah at our young man.

pixiemama said...

Housekeeping is overrated! When you are lying in your deathbed, I promise you won't lament not spending more time sorting the piles.


I love the med milestone.

mama edge said...

I, for one, would lament not cleaning enough on my deathbed. I am demented.

Hope the end of the semester keeps your plate-spinning to a minimum!

jess wilson said...

What a blessed milestone. And I'm guessing your church group isn't coming over to judge your housekeeping. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

JoyMama has dust-bunnies. Nah, I can't believe it.

Rejoicing with you about seizure-free Joy. God is so good!!

Did you ever make a decision w/ her neuro about reducing her anti-seizure meds?

JoyMama said...

rhemashope - after all our angst over the prospect of med reduction - the neurologist didn't even bring it up at the appointment. Heh. He reads us well.

And alas, the dust bunnies are real. In fact, they probably have a fair component of real bunny fur! :-)

Anonymous said...

So nice to touch a reminder of a tough stage left behind.

Seizure free is something to celebrate - like with a call to Merry Maids!